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Recommended Reads: YA Fantasy

Just when you thought your TBR list couldn't get any bigger, came along and decided to bring out some of the best books of all time. Some well-loved series are ending, while others are just getting started this year. Meanwhile, standalone books continue to steal people's hearts and leaving them hoping that the author changes their mind to turn them into a series instead. But, no matter what, has certainly not been good for that never-ending TBR list that will certainly keep growing as you go down on this list. Luckily, you can never have too many books and these have certainly stood out from the rest in filling our hearts and minds with new stories and characters to fall in love with. Whether you're looking to jump into a new fantasy world or you're looking for that ultimate contemporary read that transports you to a different part of this earth, there is something here for everyone.

What she finds is darker than she could've ever imagined. Faerie queen Holly Black welcomes familiar readers to new territory with her first Disney novel. The story follows Maleficent between the self-titled film and the sequel, Mistress of Evil.

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Fans of the iconic Disney villain learn more about her in this dark and incredible fantasy that only Holly can bring to life. The most mesmerizing debut of the year, Rosaria Munda brings to life a fantastical new world featuring dragons and the ultimate battle between your birthright and who you truly want to be.

Best friends Annie and Lee find themselves at odds when they have to fight for the top spot in their dragon-riding army.

Discover the best Teen & Young Adult Books in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. LustyBooks features large collection of premium sex stories and vintage ebooks from a variety of authors. If you enjoy classic adult novels, then LustyBooks is perfect for you. Feel free to read free sex stories online, or if you wish, download free ebooks to enjoy offline on your mobile devices. Best Young Adult Book Series I saw a list for good books, but it was too hard choosing individual books, so I made this list. Only series (i.e. Harry Potter series, not .

Meanwhile, they also discover that the very people they are fighting for are hiding a big plan from them, one that will also affect the futures of those who are closest to them. Nic Stone continues to delight audiences with a brand new novel that brings to light class and race differences in a way that's never been done before.

When someone ends up buying a winning lottery ticket from the gas station shop that Rico works at everyday, she works with her wealthy classmate Zan in order to figure out who won in hopes of getting lucky herself. Louise le Blanc is a witch who leaves her coven in hopes of using her magical skills for her own profit.

After a heist goes wrong and she's stuck getting married to Reid Diggory, a captain who is also a witch hunter, the unlikely duo find themselves falling in love. This unexpected turn causes them to go against the very ideals they have grown up to believe.

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David Yoon's debut novel is a huge win, thanks to its incredible and relatable story. When Frank Li starts dating the girl of his dreams, he realizes that he must hide his relationship from his parents as they expect him to date a Korean girl. His friend, Joy Song, agrees to be in a fake relationship with him, but he soon realizes he might not know everything about love at all.

Alex London does it again in this riveting continuation to The Skybound Saga that will leave fans breathless and wanting to find out what happens next. Twins Kylee and Brysen are not only separated by distance, but by the places they call home and their political affiliations. With a war looming and the twins finding themselves of opposite sides, things are bound to be more complicated than ever between them.

In one of the most stunning debuts of the year, Katy Rose Pool transports readers into this fantastical new world with five POVs and characters that will have you falling in love with them through each page. Despite all being from different backgrounds and livelihoods, their lives begin to change as the Last Prophet is found and they all figure out their roles in the possible end of the world.

In an alternate universe where America establishes a royal family instead of presidency after the Revolutionary War, the Washingtons find themselves at odds with what they want to do and the family they were born into as they navigate politics, growing up, and identity in this fun and romantic read. As the sequel of City of GhostsVictoria Schwab successfully brings readers back into this strange and heart-pounding world filled with ghosts and endless surprises.

When Cass accidentally lets a spirit free from the Paris catacombs, she must try to stop them and figure out the mystery behind their reasonings before it's too late. The Three Dark Crown series comes to an end in this final book that certainly lives up to its predecessors. The four queens continue to fight for the crown in this dark and twisted book that certainly is not for the feint of heart, but perfect for the fans who hoping to see the series come to the stunning conclusion that it so rightfully deserves.

Theodora has grown-up with a treasure-hunting father, but when she tries to do it herself, he shuts him down. When he suddenly disappears while trying to find an artifact linked with Dracula, she must partner with her father's protege and try to find him before it's too late. Hoping to stop a curse that causes the undead to rise and become "bone houses" in her family's cemetery, Ryn teams up with mapmaker Ellis in hopes of figuring out the mysterious force that keeps bringing the dead back to life.

Mary E. Pearson continues to grow the world of the Remnant Chronicles with the sequel to Dance of Thieves. Kazi and Jase are back at Tor's Watch, but things aren't as they seem when they see that someone else has taken over while they were gone.

They have to work together to try to find a way to get Tor's Watch back before it's too late. Taking place in the s, Jonathan willingly goes to conversion therapy in hopes to finally be "normal," however, the therapy is doing him more harm than good as he retreats into his own world where he can be anyone or anything. When a boy named Web comes into his life and shows what can happen when you finally accept who you are, everything changes for Jonathan as he tries to find out if he wishes to still play pretend or finally love himself for who he is.

Aidan decides to use an app to find a hookup for the night, only for the guy he was with to be found dead the next morning. Things turn for the worst when his identity gets mistaken by someone else and he is chased by the FBI. At the same time, a mysterious cult is also after him and they believe he has the final key to make their biggest move yet.

Now Aidan must try to run and survive before it's too late. Lena and Campbell aren't friends, but when shots are fired at a football game after someone from the rival school shouted racial slurs, these two must work together to try to survive the night and figure out how to get home safely. Winona and Lucille should be on top of the world during their senior year, but find themselves wanting to escape everything they know.

While trying to file their grievances against their respective families to the police, the two decide to leave everything behind and head off to Vegas in a stolen car to get their lives back from those who ruined it. After finding out that her ex is engaged, Eliza Roth posts a photo of herself with a ring on her finger that immediately makes everyone think that she's also engaged.

This vivid non-linear book brings to life Scarlett and David's relationship the summer before they head off to college. Although they are both overachievers, they both have to deal with the many things that are bringing them together and pushing them apart. Will she let her past affect her future? Things seem to be looking up for Dove "Birdie" Randolph as she continues to try to make her parents proud by staying on top of her studies.

But when she falls in love with Booker, a boy who her parents would not approve, things start to turn upside down.

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To make things even worse, her aunt who has been in and out of rehab over the years, has officially moved in and things in her family have been tense ever since. Colbert continues to bring vibrant characters to life in this incredible and important read. Reyna has set out to prove people wrong all her life and did just that when she became a Master Explorer. Now out at sea with her own ship and crew, she ends up being attacked and meeting Capt. Levi, the son of the King of Lunes.

Together, the two try to stop those who are behind the mysterious attacks before it's too late for anyone who is out at sea.

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Following four candidates running for office during the elections, Caitlin Moscatello brings to life their stories with the help of experts and scholars, showing how these women were able to win in their own races and make history against the odds. The final book in the Grace and Fury series, Nomi has officially been exiled and heads off to Mount Ruin to try to find her sister, Serina. However, they must figure out what is it they truly want and what they're willing to sacrifice for their freedom and to try to make things right for everyone.

Buy Now. Ash and Solomon had a traumatic experience when they were 12 that they both can't remember. While Ash deals with depression, Soloman has gone deeper and deeper into the fictional world in his head called Darkside.

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Their two different worlds come together to become one as they find a way to save each other in each one, while also figuring out the truth of what happened to them when they were younger. Raxter School for Girls was just a normal school, until the Tox affected the boarding school and caused them to be quarantined before they affected others with the mysterious disease.

After her best friend gets sent away to the infirmary, Hetty tries to find her way back to her and figure out why they're still stuck in the island that they've been trapped in for months. Maia Tamarin's dreams of becoming her land's best tailor is foiled by the fact that she is a woman. However, when her dad is called up to be a tailor for the royal family, Maia disguises herself as a man and goes to take his place. Suddenly realizing that she must compete against a dozen others who hope to take the coveted spot as the royal tailor, Maia sets off on a quest to make three dresses out of the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of stars in a riveting and beautiful read.

In a land where the caste system determines how you are treated, Fie is a Crow, the lowest in the caste and a grave digger for those who are killed. However, when Phoenix Prince Jasimir and his bodyguard, Tavin, suddenly arrive from the palace, she must help them outrun Queen Rhusana who wants them both dead.

Ever since she was a little girl, Elisabeth believed that sorcerers were evil. Growing up in the library, she hopes to one day protect the world that she knows as a warden of grimoires, books that are able to turn into dangerous monsters.

However, when one of them escapes and causes havoc in her library, she ends up painted as a traitor. In an attempt to clear her name, Elisabeth teams up with Nathanial Thorn, a sorcerer, who helps her in trying to figure out what evil force is behind the mysterious grimoires that are transforming in libraries and tearing them apart. The three of them must come face to face with their own identities, while also dealing with the reality of being a queer person in a dangerous moment in history.

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Marisol had always hoped to move to America, but she is caught as she tries to cross the border after journeying from El Salvador. So when she gets the special option to stay as part of an experimental program, she jumps at the chance. As a grief keeper, she is able to hold a person's grief and keep it from them. But the new feelings that start to overtake her body also force her to face her own grief. The sequel to RuleZofi, Ren, and Akeylah are not safe now that the true heir to the throne is blackmailing them with all of their secrets.

As they slowly become exposed to the public, they must figure out a way to make sure that no one finds out what really happened to King Andros and keeping their blackmailer from taking their place on the throne.

Holding the spirit of the gumiho, a nine-tailed fox, inside of her, Miyoung must eat the energy of men to survive during every full moon. Seeing a boy being attacked by a goblin, she decides to go against the rules and protect him, only to lose the one thing that is keeping her alive, the two must work together to get it back before it's too late, while also falling for each other in this action-packed and romantic novel.

Set inAurora Academy's latest graduates are ready to finally take off on their own missions and Ty has first pick of his crew for being on the top of the class. Unfortunately, a small space ride causes him to miss the big ceremony and he gets stuck with the worst of his class. However, that ride also lead him to possibly the biggest discovery that can change everything for the universe as they know it.

The heart-stopping final book in the Caraval series, Finale starts off two months after the end of Legendary. What happens after Tella finds out the truth about Legend? And who will she ultimately trust before the final game begins?

Garber continues to bring these characters to life in a fantastical world, making you wish that this wasn't the end of such an unforgettable series. When she gets the Princess of Scotland as her roommate, the two clash over their different lives and what they want out of being in school.

However, when they discover that they're each falling for each other, Millie must decide whether or not she wants to pursue a relationship with a princess or just finish off her year without the royal romance everyone dreams about. A fun companion novel for fans of the Red Queen series, find out what happened after War Storm in 3 brand-new novellas, along with two previously published ones.

The books also features some extra goodies like journal entries and bonus scenes, while also introducing to some brand new characters they are bound to fall in love with. Alex Claremont-Diaz, America's first son, always saw Prince Henry as his rival ever since their first encounter that didn't go so well.

But after an altercation causes a worldwide sensation between them, the boys are forced to pretend to be friends for the cameras. Their fake friendship soon turns into something more and they have to figure out what's more important: what they want or what their country needs.

In her debut novel, Hafsah Faizal creates a dazzling and beautiful world that will make you not want to put this book down. Set in a fictional Arabian world called Arawiya, Zafira risks her life to help provide for her people, disguising herself as a man to get them what she needs.

Meanwhile, Nasir is the king's assassin and will stop at nothing to prove himself to his father. Zafira sets out to find an ancient artifact while Nasir is sent to find the mysterious "man" known as the Hunter.

The 91 Best YA Books of So Far

Will Zafira get the artifact? Or will someone else get to it first? After surviving a massacre that killed almost her entire tribe, Fatima's life is changed when she's under the protection of Maharajah Arjun's djinn, the Ifrit, who help protect her city.

However, when one of them die, her entire life changes when she discovers that the fire of the djinn now lives inside her. I'm not entirely sure but that's my guess :. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference.

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The Best Young Adult Romance Reads!

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Steamy Teen Romance I'm making booklists of "clean" and "dirty" teen books. If you're adding to this one, you've got some good, hot, sweaty sex scenes in mind. Look for my clean list too: Sweet Teen Romance, coming soon (like in 30 seconds.) All Votes Add. Dec 19,   Don't miss out on these amazing new reads for We've gathered the best young adult books coming out this year that you're sure to add to your reading verazpetroleum.comtion: Entertainment Editor. Young-adult books are books marketed to adolescents, roughly between the ages of 12 and 17, and usually feature main characters in that age range. If the book is part of a series.

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Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma Goodreads Author 4. Want to Read saving Error rating book. Maas Goodreads Author 4. Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas Goodreads Author 4. Onyx Lux, 2 by Jennifer L. Armentrout Goodreads Author 4.

Origin Lux, 4 by Jennifer L. Opal Lux, 3 by Jennifer L. Want to Go Private? Willow by Julia Hoban 3. Graceling Graceling Realm, 1 by Kristin Cashore 4. Fear Me Broken Love, 1 by B.

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Reid Goodreads Author 3. Obsidian Lux, 1 by Jennifer L. Inescapable The Premonition, 1 by Amy A. Bartol Goodreads Author 4. Twilight Twilight, 1 by Stephenie Meyer 3.

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New Moon Twilight, 2 by Stephenie Meyer 3. Fear You Broken Love, 2 by B. Reid Goodreads Author 4. Eclipse Twilight, 3 by Stephenie Meyer 3.

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Breaking Dawn Twilight, 4 by Stephenie Meyer 3. Until You Fall Away, 1. Rich and Mad by William Nicholson 3. Arcimboldo by Werner Kriegeskorte 3. Fear Us Broken Love, 3 by B. Breaking Love Broken Love, 4 by B. Fearless Broken Love, 5 by B. Jassy by Norah Lofts 3. The Art Book by Phaidon Press 3. Lovers All Untrue by Norah Lofts 3. The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland 3. Hofstadter 4.

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Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling by Ross King 3. Steelheart The Reckoners. The Outsiders 40th Anniversary edition. Woods Runner. Michael Vey 5: Storm of Lightning 5.

Richard Paul Evans.

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Across Five Aprils. Irene Hunt. Firefight The Reckoners. Orbiting Jupiter. Gary D. Challenger Deep. Neal Shusterman. Point Blank Alex Rider Adventure. Rise of the Elgen: Michael Vey, Book 2. The Paladin Prophecy: Book 1. Mark Frost. Jack Schaefer. The Batboy. Mike Lupica. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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