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Manga ( Yuri ) This is a Great Hug Pillow EP 1 / 1 END

After more than two years, this little list definitely needs an ate! When it comes to manga and doujinshi, two years can be quite a huge span of time, which is why a lot of things can happen. Most of the works I listed back then either changed places or were completely replaced with other works. However, I will apologize to you in advance. So just for one day, Madoka returns back to Homura, and the two of them spend some lovely hours together.

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These girls evidently had something going on, and one kiss led to another, and another, and another. What a way to start the high school years!


As we mentioned before, you won't find many lewd scenes here and things never really get as hot as in other recommendations, but Sakura Trick is really good if you like moe things and comedy in your yuri anime. As for the ecchi part, double meaning and sexy camera shots are an integral part of the story.

And so is people -especially Yuu's older sister- trying to figure out what's actually going on between the girls! How wrong they were!

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She's a second personality of Illyasviel von Einzbern, a darker version of her who conveniently drains her magical energy through kissing in order to stay alive. Another magical energy source for her is Illya's friend Miyu, so basically we're talking of a mahou shoujo anime with a girl frequently french kissing her companions.

Kids anime, huh? They say you can do anything with just the power of love, but Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid takes it to another level. After being abducted, Mamori Tokonome wakes up only to find herself on an island in the middle of nowhere, and 2 girls wearing bikinis come to greet her.

Oh, but don't think Mamori is on unexpected vacations! Suddenly, one of these women starts touching the other's breasts, thus transforming her into some kind of heavy machine gun. If you think that's weird enough, a few seconds later Mirei Shikishima falls from the sky and protects Mamori, kissing her, touching her, and transforming Mamori herself into a sword. From there on, Mamori and Mirei will have to find a way out of Mermaid Island and some answers about the situation, but you can be sure that yuri ecchi scenes are just getting started.

Pro tip: there's also an uncensored version!

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After her father's death and her mother found a new love, Yuzu finds herself moving to a new city and starting life in a new school. Being a popular gyaru, this was the perfect opportunity to cause the best first impression and conquer every boy's heart On top of it, her new step-sister is the student council president, and she's not happy with Yuzu's happy-go-lucky attitude. Citrus tries to be the dramatic story of a lesbian "incestuous" not blood-related relationship, full of hot scenes but sometimes adding some comedic relief to soften your heart.

Nov 23,   Get to Read Yuri Manga for free on our site. We have the latest manga with all of the ated chapters on our website. Mangazuki has high quality collection of Yuri manga. You will love it when you read them. Feb 17,   Yo no soy dueno del manga del video, simplemente hice la traduccion al espanol, todos los creditos a sus respectivos autores. Puedes ver el original en Dynas. Mar 06,   My Top 10 Favorite Adult Manga and Doujinshi [ated] Posted on November 11, by Lena K. When it comes to adult manga, Amano Shuninta is one of the few artists you can be sure to always come up with new, interesting, and unique settings that still have the story as the most important theme, and not the sex. Manga is yuri too.

While Yuzu is sweet and cute, Mei is harsh and manipulative as she doesn't care about love; for Mei, kissing and teasing her sister is a way of demonstrating who's in charge of the situation, but Yuzu's unexplored feelings may change that sooner or later. You have fanservice, you have relatively developed characters and you have a plot so, as long as yuri anime goes, Citrus is one of the best and most recent options out there.

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A good yuri ecchi anime is not that easy to find, and the offer generally divides into slice of life anime with cute girls flirting at each other or some random action anime with an excuse to have girls in revealing outfits, touching and kissing like there's no tomorrow. On the other hand, shoujo-ai is slowly gaining ground, and there's a lot of new anime with yuri innuendo but without really showing us girl-on-girl action.

We hope to see you soon browsing Honey's Anime but, before you go, maybe you can help other fellow anime lovers in need. Do you know any cool yuri ecchi anime aside from these 10 recommendations? Several of them are already quite old, that's for sure, but some are still considered jewels of the genre!

I'm Rod, and when I'm not watching anime or playing video games I'm probably writing about them, but I'm also a graphic and web designer, and I even published a comic book and worked like 4 years for a well-known MMORPG.

The TOP 20 Yuri Manga for Non-Beginners

Curiously, my favorite series are quite different from each other, so I'm still trying to understand what I really like in an anime Previous Articles. Original Article Below.

Yuri Mangas - Read manga online for free, Abdolutely Free, ated Daily at verazpetroleum.comds of high-quality free manga for you. Yuri Manga List, Read Yuri Manga List Online Read Free Manga Online at Ten Manga Koneko no Yakimochi (Doujinshi) Yuri follow this manga. Views: 5. 9 hours ago. Last Ch; Sanagi Ha Yaburete Nanininaru Shoujo Ai,Yuri follow this manga. Views: 6. 9 hours ago. Last Ch-Rain-Adult,drama,fantasy,one shot,slice of life,Yuri follow this manga. Views. Complete list of the best Adult manga on verazpetroleum.comns content that is suitable only for adults. Titles in this category may include prolonged scenes of .

Yuri, if you ask me, is the purest form of love. Why is that? The group of friends form the Amusement Club - a club with activities that consist of basically lazing around and doing random fun activities. I think this is the third time I mentioned Yuru Yuri in my articles and for good reason because Yuru Yuri is one of the best shows when it comes to yuri fanservice. Hideo Yoshino is your typical average schoolgirl who one day was transported back in time while praying at a local shrine to help her with her upcoming test.

Yuri Mangas

She is sent back to the Sengoku Period when Japan was in constant conflict. During this time, Yoshino met one of the of the three warlords of that time, Oda Nobunaga. However, there is something amiss: Oda Nobunaga and the entire population are all women. The yuri fanservice is on the lighter side, but entertaining.

Complete list of yuri manga. Yuri is a genre that depicts homosexual relationships between women. Japan typically uses this single category for all forms of these relationships, sexual or not. In the West, the term Shoujo-ai categorizes stories that focus on the emotional cts of the relationships, while Yuri categorizes more of the sexual cts and explicit content. All hentai manga and doujinshi in category Yuri for free and without registration. The best collection of hentai manga and doujinshi. Yuri Porn manga, Hentai manga, Hentai comics, Porn comics. Get to Read Adult Manga for free on our site. We have a huge list of adult ones. We have the latest manga with all of the ated chapters on our website. Mangazuki has high quality collection of adult manga. You will love it when you read them.

Seeing Akechi Mitsuhide getting all jealous and thinking pervy things about Oda Nobunaga offers great laughs. I wonder how the real Oda Nobunaga would react if he saw that his female version is a tall redhead with huge boobs and wears a skimpy and impractical getup.

Yasaka Mahiro, your average and blandest boy fact around was minding his own business until he met a mysterious girl named Nyaruko.

Yuri is an illustrated or animated romance that takes place between two girls. Whether you are new to the genre or have already devoured everything out there you could find so far, the world of manhwa opens up a new door for yuri lovers. While there aren't as many yuri manhwa as there are manga (yet!), there are still quite a few out there. Smut, Yuri Manga - Search for your favorite mangas scans and scanlations online at MangaPark. Read your favorite mangas online! Hundreds of high-quality free manga for you, with a list being ated daily. Naruto manga, Bleach manga, One Piece manga, Air Gear manga, Claymore manga, Fairy Tail manga, Inuyasha manga, and many more.

This girl is a special agent who was sent to Earth to protect Mahiro from monsters. Why are the monsters after Mahiro? Does he have something that they want? And who is Nyaruko? And is H. Lovecraft rolling in his grave after he found out Japan turned his Eldritch horrors into cute and sexy girls? While technically not a yuri show, it does have a good amount of yuri fanservice thanks to our lovely Eldritch abomination Cthuko aka the lustful and fiery red hair twintails girl or something.

Cthuko literally jumps at Nyaruko every time Nyaruko does something suggestive like seducing the main hero Yasaka Mahiro. If your wish is to become a girl, then Senou Natsuru is one of the luckiest guy on the planet, as he can do just that.

The story is lackluster and it made me feel bad just to write the synopsis The main draw is the yuri fanservice mainly because the characters and their designs are hot, the main villain is also hot and they all want the female Natsuru.

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Kawakami Kiiko is a girl with supernatural powers: she can move things with her mind. Kiiko meets an attractive young girl named Saitou Aaya and starts developing feelings towards her. This is the most unique entry on this list because the entire series was written, directed and animated by one guy named Ishikawa Naoya.

Oh and space lesbians. Enter Leina Vance, the heiress of the Vance Family and next in line for the throne, is seeking the title of Queen. As she travels the land of Gainos, she meets other warriors from various lands also seeking the title.

Who is my favorite? Airi-sama all the way! Oribe Mafuyu and Yamanobe Tomo rescued a wounded boy without realizing what they were getting themselves into. The boy is named Alexander Nikolaevith Hell and he is a Qwaser, a kind of superhuman who can draw the power of elements and use them as powerful weapons, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

The bizarre twist is that the Qwasers require a special kind of liquid to recharge their powers and this liquid is none other than breast milk. This probably made the breastfeeding scenes involving them an extra punch. A sequel to the anime of the same name, 2wei! The girls are once again called back on active duty when they find out that the Cards have left some very nasty side effects on their world. However, their seemingly easy mission goes totally awry with the appearance of a dark stranger who looks just like Illya.

The overall tone of the anime is pretty gay especially when Chloe, Miyu and Illya are involved. Her favorite source of magical energy are none other than her companions Illya and Miyu. There are times when Miyu gets jealous and tells Chloe to get energy from her instead of Illya. Chloe happily obliges, obviously. In the far future, Earth has finally reached total peace after humanity obtained the ground breaking information transfer and material generation technology called "Mana.

Yuri adult manga

However, peace is not really what it seems. The Norma or people who cannot use Mana were cast out of society and live in oppression. The main character of the story is the first princess of the Misurugi Empire, Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi and is a strong believer that the Norma should not exist in this world and must be exterminated. On her baptismal ceremony after she turned 16, her elder brother Julio exposed Angelise as a Norma.

Angelise was exiled to Arzenal, an island in the middle of nowhere and starts her new life as a soldier to risk her life to protect the world that hates her. More like Cross Ange: Gundam with Lesbians!

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Genres All Action Adaptation Adult Adventure Aliens Animals Anthology Award winning Comedy Cooking Crime Crossdressing Delinquents Demons Doujinshi Drama Ecchi Fan colored 8.

Fantasy Food Full color Game Gender bender Genderswap Ghosts Gore Gossip 2.

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Gyaru Harem Historical Horror Incest Isekai Josei Kids Loli Lolicon Long strip Mafia Magic Magical girls Manhwa Martial arts Mature Mecha Medical Military Monster girls Monsters Music Mystery Ninja Office workers Official colored One shot Parody Philosophical Police Post apocalyptic Psychological Reincarnation Reverse harem Romance Samurai School life Sci fi Seinen Shota Shotacon Shoujo Shoujo ai Shounen Shounen ai Slice of life Smut

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