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Watch: Natalie Jacobson's tribute to Dick Albert

Made by: A. For this reason, the true origins of the mimeograph machine-or stencil duplicator-are likely to remain a bit hazy. Legally speaking, though, it was yet another Edison invention, brought to its fruition in the late s by the further innovations of a Chicago lumberyard owner named Albert Blake Dick. Dick Company, by virtue of an arrangement made in the beginning with Mr. Edison, by subsequent purchases and by various inventions of Mr.

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Ziya Tong - 9/4/14

Look Inside. May 14, Minutes Buy. Our naked eyes see only a thin sliver of reality. We are blind in comparison to the X-rays that peer through skin, the mass spectrometers that detect the dead inside the living, or the high-tech surveillance systems that see with artificial intelligence. And we are blind compared to the animals that can see in infrared, or ultraviolet, or in degree vision. These animals live in the same world we do, but they see something quite different when they look around. First, we are introduced to the blind spots we are all born with, to see how technology reveals an astonishing world that exists beyond our human senses.