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Made by: A. For this reason, the true origins of the mimeograph machine-or stencil duplicator-are likely to remain a bit hazy. Legally speaking, though, it was yet another Edison invention, brought to its fruition in the late s by the further innovations of a Chicago lumberyard owner named Albert Blake Dick. Dick Company, by virtue of an arrangement made in the beginning with Mr. Edison, by subsequent purchases and by various inventions of Mr.

An illustration of Albert Blake Dick with a rotary mimeograph machine. When I was in elementary school in the s and into the early s, teachers gave homework and classroom assignments, quizzes and tests on Ditto worksheets. We wrote on them so often that my classmates and I became intimately familiar with the aniline purple color of the Ditto-as well as the mesmerizing smell that emanated from the freshly printed sheets. Making Dittos was a two-step process. The first step was to prepare the master, a two-ply form that had an easy-to-write-on paper sheet on top and a wax-coated sheet on the bottom.

Our teachers would either hand write or typewrite the schoolwork onto one of these typically letter-size Ditto master forms. The pressure of the pen or the typewriter would transfer wax from the bottom sheet onto the back of the top sheet. The second step-after discarding what was left of the bottom sheet-was to mount the master, bottom side up, onto the Ditto duplicating drum. Several dozen Ditto sheets could be easily produced within minutes. A Ditto magazine ad from and a homework sheet from On occasion, some of us even got to help out by operating the Ditto machine in the main office or teacher prep room.

With the potentially messy and smelly solvent involved, sometimes there were mishaps.

IN COURT OF APPEALS. C In Re the Marriage of: Jean Ann Dick, petitioner, Appellant, vs. Albert Blake Dick, IV, Respondent. Filed March 11, Affirmed. Huspeni, Judge. Hennepin County District Court. File No. Appellant Jean Ann Dick, n/k/a Jean Marie Carr, claims that the district court erred by finding the parties did. Biography of Albert Blake Dick Who's Who in Finance, Banking and Insurance, (Source: Google Books) Lake. Biography of Albert Blake Dick Who's Who in Finance, Banking and Insurance, (Source: Google Books) Rock Island. Albert Blake Dick was born on April 16, in Galesburg, IL, a town about miles southwest of Chicago and 50 miles northwest of Peoria. His parents, Adam Dick and Rebecca Wible, were from western Pennsylvania and decided to settle in Galesburg .

I bet our teachers ruined their clothes more than once fiddling around with the Ditto chemistry. The Ditto machine was the American variety of a duplicating system that became popular internationally-the Banda in the UK and the Roneo in France and Australia-in schools, churches, clubs and other small organizations.

Since spirit duplicators were limited to a maximum of about copies per master and the quality of reproduction as well as the cost per copy were very low, they became a DIY alternative to more sophisticated printing equipment. The Ditto was perhaps the most successful small office copying system during the four decades prior to the ascension of xerographic toner-based photocopiers in the s.

Spirit duplicators were one of several document reproduction technologies that were developed for the office rather than the printing plant. Office duplicators were first invented in the late s in response to the demands of business for efficiency and economy in reproducing company documents in small numbers.

Alongside the typewriter, office duplicators answered the problem of business forms and letters by replacing the tedium of copying each one by hand.

Since commercially available printing machinery was very costly and too slow for these on-demand and short run copying needs, an alternative had to be found. His parents, Adam Dick and Rebecca Wible, were from western Pennsylvania and decided to settle in Galesburg after helping to establish a church congregation in Quincy, IL. Albert attended public school in Galesburg and then went to work for a farm equipment manufacturer in the area.

After showing success as a manager, he became a partner in a lumber company. Just shy of his 28 th birthday on April 11,the young Albert incorporated a lumber firm, the A. Dick Company, located at Jackson Boulevard in Chicago. It was during these early days that Albert preoccupied himself with the problem of business document reproduction. He rebelled against the effort wasted on a daily basis by hand copying price lists.

Albert spent many hours experimenting with many unsuccessful ideas, most of them using the stencil principle. The stencil method is distinct from other printing methods in which an inked image is mechanically transferred onto a substrate. Once a stencil sheet is prepared, it is mounted upon the ink-filled rotary duplicating drum.

When a blank sheet of paper is brought into pressured contact with the rotating drum, ink is forced through the holes in the stencil onto the paper.

Albert B. Dick 3d, 71, Manufacturer, Is Dead

Silk screening is also a form of stencil printing, but it utilizes a flatbed and squeegee process that is more wasteful than the process associated with A. It did not take long. Sometime within the first year of his lumber firm, Albert sat down at his desk and across a piece of waxed paper he forced an awl long pointed metal spike. After looking more carefully at what he had done, Albert noticed that the awl had left a series of tiny perforations on the wax paper.

Developing this method, he perfected a sufficiently coated wax sheet as well as a stylus with which to write that could enable enough ink to be transferred to blank sheets of paper.

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While his invention had achieved the immediate goal that he had set for himself, Albert returned his attention back to the development of his lumber company. Jackson Blvd. Byaround the time the No. Dick tried to remedy that situation by developing its own typewriter for a while, but it never really took off. The Edison No.

It was a big seller during the first decade of the s, and included the infamous License Restriction that forced buyers to only use A. Dick accessories with the device. Its strong points are Simplicity, Durability, Rapidity, Cleanliness, Quality of Work, Portability [the drum and its wood base hooked onto a protective green metal cover with a carrying handle]Price, Compactness, Noiselessness, and a device for counting copies.

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Mails, working in unison, are irresistible trade winners for merchants and manufacturers. When the Edison Mimeograph 77A debuted shortly thereafter, historians believe it was likely used to produce a copy of each and every order communicated by the U.

Military during World War I.

The Automatic Age. During the s, the A. S, and it expanded its Jackson Blvd. Jackson, designed by the famed local architect Alfred S.

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It would remain A. Shortly thereafter, the mimeo machine itself went fully electric and mostly automatic, producing terrific results for any company still in business during the Great Depression. By the thousands every hour it duplicates whatever you write, type or draw on its stout stencil sheet.

Dick had its own exhibit at the World's Fair in Chicago, and produced a daily newsletter called "Mimeo Flashes," using its own Mimeotype technology]. Its dominance in the duplicator industry would become harder to cling to in the years after World War II, however, as the double-whammy of new competition and the march of technology made for plenty of sleepless nights.

Both brands, of course, were fighting an ultimately losing battle without realizing it. The Xerox age was just waiting around the corner. Right: Albert Dick Sr. Bit odd there, Al.

Bit odd.

Albert blake dick

Shortly after the factory was done producing Norton bomb sights and aircraft landing gear for the war effort, the man we'll call "ABD3" assumed the presidency inand remained a guiding force for over 30 years.

VP of Sales and Marketing jumped on dozens of opportunities for expansion into new products, including everything from Dick's own version of the spirit duplicator to early breeds of photocopiers and primitive computer technology. Those efforts, while hit or miss, ultimately helped the company survive the 20th century as something other than a footnote.

After leaving Chicago for a major new complex in suburban Niles inthe A.

Dick company built its business around a single product, the mimeograph machine, for 65 years. The Tribune scribe also hailed the Dick family Albert Jr. The members who have served the company have been well grounded in all of its operations, and have not been backward about going outside on occasions to acquire talent to create a well balanced, aggressive management team. As an example, he could remember the names of thousands of employees at A. Even through the s, when the mighty Xerox was presumably hammering the old mimeograph makers into submission, A.

Dick was actually still one of the leading employers in Chicagoland, with upwards of 3, workers in Niles, and many more across the country. With its wheels spinning, A.

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The former A. Dick plant in Niles at W. Touhy Ave appears to have gone under the wrecking ball aroun and the location is now home to a shopping plaza with a Verizon store and a Starbucks.

You could almost say it was a direct mimeo copy of every other suburban plaza in America. Dick plant in Niles, ]. Fifty Years: A.


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Albert Blake - Biografie van Robey Leibbrandt - 2 Oktober 2019

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May 23,   Albert Blake Dick 3d, former president of the A. B. Dick Company, manufacturers of business machines, died Friday at Lake Forest Hospital in . Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed), memorial page for Albert Blake "A.B." Dick (16 Apr Aug ), Find a Grave Memorial no. , citing Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA ; Maintained by Find A Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum, . Dick Family It was about a dozen years after the invention of his famous mimeograph that Albert Blake Dick and his family began to spend summers in Lake Forest. In , architect James Gamble Rogers designed the family estate on 40 acres near Deerpath and Waukegan; the Dicks christened the home "Westmoreland" after the Pennsylvania county.

Denoyer-Geppert Co. Detect-O-Ray Company. DeVry Corporation. Ditto Incorporated. Dowst Brothers Company. Pond Company. Ekco Products Co.

The A.B. Dick Co. celebrated its 50th anniversary in , and with workers in its employ, it had become one of the city's most respected and resilient enterprises. Even after the death of Albert Blake Dick that same year, aged 78, the company was left in capable hands, with Dick's sons Albert Jr. and Edison Dick taking over the reins. Born in 11 Feb and died in 24 Oct Lake Forest, Illinois Albert Blake Dick, Jr. Born in Wyanet, Bureau, Illinois, United States on 16 April to Adam Dick and Rebecca Wible. Albert Blake Dick had 5 children. He passed away on 15 Aug in Lake Forest, Lake, Illinois, Of Birth: Wyanet, Bureau, Illinois, United States.

Electric Clock Corp. Electric Corp. Elgin National Watch Co. Empire Spice Mills.

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Hedman MFG Co. Illinois Bronze Powder Co. Illinois Cosmetics Co.

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