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Would that work?

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He turned on the TV and got the Netflix app running. Jeff shrugged, then shook out a couple pills onto his hand which Charlotte promptly took. I think the new season is up! How can I say no to that?

She propped her legs up on the edge of the couch, feeling her diaper grow a little thicker and a little warmer between her legs. Especially when Rainbow Dash is best pony. Pinkie Pie is best pony! Jenna had been a city girl all her life, but when she was able to work remotely for a tech company, she decided she needed a change of pace, so she moved out into the countryside and settled into a cute little house on several acres of property.

Luckily, she paid significantly less for her new mortgage per month compared to her nice apartment downtown, and with her new position, she was getting paid significantly more money as well.

Nov 17,   A blog all about ABDL captions and stories! ABDL Erotica Sunday, November 17, STORY ATE: Full Submission, Chapter Three "So how are you feeling, little one?" Jeff asked as they slowed down, eventually coming to a halt behind some cars at a red light. "Good girl " she whispered to herself with a giddy grin. Try using our Google Search Box which will scan 's of Diaper Stories and Abdl Stories in seconds for you. All you need to do is type something in the search box that interests you. Maybe you like the popular Diaper Punishment Stories or Adult Diapers Stories. Do a search for Diaper Girl Stories and you will get too many results. Ashley's Diapered Adventure continues at the Nail Salon. Ashley's diapered trip to the nail salon begins. Cheater hubby turned further into babygirl. George has a doctors apt. and must go wearing a diaper. and other exciting erotic at!

There were simply too many prying eyes and ears, and the walls were thin enough that she often heard her elderly neighbors coughing through the wall. She walked through the forest in her backyard, something that she liked to do before she sat at her desk to work for the whole day.

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It was always so peaceful; she loved the quiet rustling of the leaves and the chirps of the birds that lived above. The last owners had worn a long path just large enough for one person to walk on without having to worry about getting scrapes from nearby branches. A little bit of exercise and coffee really helped her wake up early, as the company she worked for demanded that she start work at six in the morning her time.

They were located on the east coast of the United States, and she had moved two whole time zones away. Jenna took a large gulp of her coffee, glanced around to make sure that nobody was around, then crouched. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she let her bladder relax. Her diaper grew warm and soggy, and as her bladder finally emptied, she stood up and patted the front of her diaper. She took a few steps before she heard an odd buzzing sound, almost akin to a wasp.

She took a few large gulps of her coffee, wondering if her mind was playing tricks on her. Jenna only made it a few more steps before she felt a sharp prick on her left leg.

She screamed out in fright as she dropped her coffee, swatting whatever it was that stung her away. She just barely got a glimpse of a large white insect as it flew away further down the path. She leaned down, picked up her empty coffee mug, then turned around. She lifted her skirt, glanced down, then did a double take; her diaper was absolutely drenched. She walked into her bathroom where she kept a few diapers, then pulled her skirt off. Jenna shook her head and eyed herself in the mirror, placing her hands on her hips as she simply stared at her diaper.

With a huff, she undid the tapes and let it flop to the floor, and as she stepped away to grab a fresh diaper, she felt a warmth trickle down her leg. Jenna looked down and froze once more in shock, watching as urine streamed down her legs.

Ashley's Diapered Adventure continues at the Nail Salon. Ashley's diapered trip to the nail salon begins. I need a new place and my coworker could use a new roommate. The two sissies mince into a dangerous tattoo parlor. and other exciting erotic at! Find the hottest abdl stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about abdl on Wattpad. 'abdl' Search, free sex videos. This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us.

With her heart racing in her chest, she wiped herself down with a hand towel then taped herself into a fresh diaper. Jenna stretched herself out on the couch, then let her left hand drift down her belly and onto the front of her diaper.

She felt it grow warmer as she caressed the front of it. Jenna grinned as she slipped her hand down the front of her soggy diaper, pushing a couple of fingers past her velvety folds. She squirmed about on the couch as she plunged her fingers in and out of her, and as she brought herself to the edge, she rolled over onto her belly, thrust a pillow between her legs, then started humping it as if her life depended on it until she came in her diaper.

The days quickly became a blur of masturbating day in and day out. She switched it on then pressed it against her diaper, though instead of finding a soggy one like every night for the last few weeks, she was a little surprised to find that it was mostly dry. She hopped out of bed and flung the diaper from her body, happy to be free of the disease. Jenna danced her way over to her dresser where her panties lay, all neatly folded and organized.

She rifled through them, wondering which one she should wear when she noticed a pack of diapers in the corner of her eye.

Vampire l*tex t*rture hypnosis

She glanced at it, then back at her panties, then back at her diapers before she shoved the dresser drawer shut and walked over to the diapers. Jenna got down on her knees, picked up one of the packs of diapers, then hugged it as hard as she could. She walked around the forest for well over an hour, searching high and low for that mysterious but wondrous creature that had given her the best time of her life until finally she spotted it sitting upon a fallen tree.

With wide eyes, she slowly crept up to it, then as soon as she got within reach, she did not hesitate in slamming the jar down on top of the creature, trapping it inside. Once it flew up into the jar, she screwed the lid on tight, dropping and shattering her empty coffee mug.

Jenna sat down on the log and tapped on the glass, coaxing the creature to sting her and render her horny and incontinent again.

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And then it stung. It tried to fly away, but it was still stuck in the jar. Gritting her teeth, she bit back a whimper as she slipped the lid back on the jar and screwed it shut, and as she set it aside, she felt her diaper grow warm and soggy.

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She placed her hand on the front of the diaper, then kissed the jar. Labels: story. She was laying on top of a table with stirrups that held her legs up high and bared her diapered crotch to the world.

And now, as she felt her crotch grow number and number, she felt her boyfriend squeeze her hand, making her look up into his reassuring and loving gaze. He scooted closer to her and planted a kiss on her cheek. Charlotte placed a finger on his lips, then let her hand come to rest on the side of his face. Jeff rubbed the back of his neck and grinned. She let her head come to rest on the small pillow.

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Go ahead and push down as hard you can. Charlotte took a deep breath then pushed down as hard as she could until she heard a thin trickling sound coming from her diaper. A few seconds later, the doctor walked inside the room, wearing light blue latex gloves and a big clear face shield. Charlotte nodded. I like having you here for me.

The doctor nodded. Now I hope you know that this is a semi-permanent procedure. The stent that I will insert into your bladder will hold it open for a period of six months, then after that it will dissolve and you will pee it out naturally.

By that time you will have a very, very small bladder which will require you to stay in diapers. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the ramifications before we began. She nodded again. So how are you feeling down here?

Or this?

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Charlotte shook her head. Have you ever had a stent inserted before?

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With a little bit of special lube and a little bit of patience, I will gently insert it until urine starts to flow. Once that happens, I will push it in a little bit more, then the loop will begin to dry, locking the stent in place.

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Charlotte closed her eyes as she felt a small amount of pressure grow from her crotch, though it was mostly painless. It was a rather interesting sensation, and even though she was no stranger to penetration, this hole was treading completely uncharted territory. A few seconds passed before she felt something warm tickle her taint, making her eyes shoot open wide.

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Her heart skipped a couple of beats as her breaths came in short and fast. He withdrew the tool, then set it aside. I'll be back in around 30 minutes to check up on you, and at that point lube should have hardened, keeping your bladder held wide open. When I come back, I will test it to make sure that it is going to stay in place. It is pretty flexible, but I really recommend taking it easy for the first few days as you get used to the feeling of having no control.

Charlotte stayed silent as the doctor stepped out of the room. She took a few deep breaths, then rolled her head to the side with a giddy expression on her face. He grabbed the wipes, then sat back down in his chair. He pulled out a single baby wipe and brushed it against her inner thigh, then gently placed it over her puffy slit. The flow slowed down until only a few drops remained, which were quickly wiped away.

How about this? He pulled back a few seconds later, a sly grin on his face. I just felt a little warmth. Did I pee again? Jeff acted quickly, grabbing the front of her diaper and gently laying it back in its proper place.

Once the stream slowed down and stopped, he stuck a finger in past the standing leak barriers and poked around for a few seconds. Do you want to wear the pink Rearz Princess diaper or a basic white Forsite medical-looking diaper?

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she saw him pull out a hot pink diaper. The morning after the anniversary, and the conclusion to the story Winnie was now gritting her teeth as she tried desperately to control her rapidly filling bladder, and her head began to swim as the sexual aura of the situation over took her!!!

See the hairy little muffy engulfing such a murderous weapon as well as her cute tits bouncing freely to and fro was just too much for Marie as she shoved her hand up under her dress, wildly fingering her super hot pussy until she slipped to the floor in a stunning climax of her own!

Abdl girl erotica

A young girl falls in love for the first time Craig couldn't believe his luck! Buying the Sunny Day Motel had been the best 'decision of his life! He had gotten the idea to install hidden cameras in each room from 'one of those 'Candid Camera' shows on television Petra Olson was busy getting everything ready for Laura's arrival Sue raised her hips and helped him guide his cock into her twat.

Her tits bounced as the two of them tried to match motions. Sue leaned forward, then back and from side to side as he buried his cock deeper into her Check also our Tube.

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