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Seeing the dog sitting up with his erratic fur and the determined look made him feel awkward once more. He contemplated turning around, and then the dog barked at him, making him nervous. Kiba turned around and ran for the door. He heard Akamaru growl at him and before he could get to the door handle; the canine's paws forced him to the floor. Kiba's heart started racing. What was the dog going to do?

It's funny how nervous a person, or dog, tends to get when they are going to do something that they really want to. He walks over towards the window.

Akamaru and Kiba were quite comfortable on the floor, and it wasn't long before sleep had them in its grasp. Upon awakening, Kiba found Akamaru licking his face. Kiba kissed him back where he could and sat up, still naked. He then noticed a gush of fluid racing out of his backside and blushed.

Carefully balancing his front legs on the railing he reaches with his tail and knocks on her window. He does it again but this time he adds a bark and whine. Waiting was never one of Akamaru's strong points. Growling in frustration he gets ready to do it a third time when he hears her moving towards the window. I mean he can, but that might cause too much of a racket. Covering her breasts Sakura leaves her room. Walking into the living room she opens the sliding door, making sure that she stays out of sight of prying eyes.

Sakura closes the door and locks it after Akamaru steps in. Looking at each other you can feel the awkwardness and tension building up. Walking into the room Sakura realizes just how awkward and very wrong this is. I mean seriously, is she so desperate that she is willing to participate in what is called bestiality?! Sakura sits on her bed holding her head in her hands and starts to slowly hyperventilate.

Feeling her hesitation Akamaru approaches her. What the fuck am I doing?!?!?!? Looking down at him with tears in her eyes sakura extends her arm to pet him. I transferred some of my chakra into the bite. Dark hair, gold eyes, triangle tattoos, rock hard abs everything. Once he saw her comfortable Akamaru crawled up the bed towards her. He might have looked and felt just like a human but his tongue was defiantly a canines tongue.

Akamaru naked sex

Taking his time to lick each and every toe, he started moving up her leg. Leaving kisses here and there, nipping at her skin and occasionally licking he made it to her sex. Nuzzling her sex Akamaru continued to the other leg where he repeated the same treatment as he had the next. Feeling her burning desire Akamaru proceeded to do the same with her arms. Starting at her fingers, licking and sucking he made way up. 'hinata' Search, free sex videos. This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. Kiba's nose began to feel quite warm inside as Akamaru gave an innocent smile and made a kissy face towards him while jiggling 'her' breasts and hips. Akamaru's version didn't have a Bikini but instead was butt naked, although the fur covered most of it up, it still . Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it.

Smirking to himself Akamaru couldn't help but think that watching those "educational videos" as Kiba called them had in fact come in handy. Making his way to her neck Akamaru made sure to nip and lick, sucking extra hard at her jugular leaving little red marks on her collar bone and finally making his way down to her breast.

Grabbing both breast with his hands Akamaru squished them together in order to service both of them at the same time. Feeling that dog tongue of his working its magic on her nipples had Sakura panting. Rubbing her legs together to help with the pressure she snaked her hands into his hair.

How she's been dying to do that.

apologise, but, opinion

Gasping as Akamaru nibbled on one of her nipples, she moved her left hand down to her heated sex. Feeling the intrusion of her fingers inside her lips hadn't felt this good before. Pumping her fingers in and out had her mewling like a new born kitten. Finishing with her breast Akamaru worked his way down her left arm ending with his face at her sex.

Removing her hand and making sure to lap up all her juices he continued to the main attraction. Seeing how wet she was exited him to no ends. Not in the sexual sense mind you.

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This was like chocolate to him, a treat if you will. Spreading her legs further apart he dipped his finger in her juices. Sakura watched mesmerized as he sucked it dry. Keeping eye contact with her as he lowered his mouth to his goal he winked. Finally having his tongue in the right area had her seeing starts.

Lacing her fingers into his hair she couldn't help the moans that were coming out of her mouth. Feeling the pressure build Sakura tried to alleviate it by thrusting up into his face. Being uverazpetroleum.comepared for said movement had Akamaru's tongue slip a little bit further. Feeling the amount of juices that had slipped past his greedy lips he changed his position and stated eating her ass.

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Having just read about this act Sakura wasn't as appalled as she thought she would be. Akamaru sat back on his hunches and pulled Sakura up to continue eating his just deserts. Remembering a clip from the "educational videos" he slowly stuck his finger in her anal whole. Gasping in surprise and withering in pleasure Sakura was pushed over the edge. Akamaru continued his torment, liking every inch of her ass moving back towards her pussy.

Laying her back down in the position they were previously in he continued to lap her juices. Feeling him lapping at her thighs and moving close towards her heated mound had her coming a second time, longer and more intense than the first. Moaning at being sexually spent Sakura smiled. Looking at the clock Sakura realized that it was pretty late.

I need to go home now. I have a mission tomorrow but when we return I will come look for you. Today is the day that I will ask Sakura out. We will go on the mission, make mad money and then- Akamaru? Akamaru knew he smelled like her. There was no doubt in his mind about that. Kiba being Kiba, he'd most likely already gotten over his stuffy nose. He had spent the night in the kennels knowing that falling asleep next to Kiba reeking of Sakura would have resulted with Akamaru getting his leg humped by Kiba.

The trick now would be to try and convince Hana to bathe him. Covering himself with as much mud as possible Akamaru made his biggest puppy eyes when approaching her. If he had learned anything about Hana was that she was a sucker for the eyes. Using the excuse that Kiba would kill him because they had a mission; she gave in to the look and proceeded to give the miniature horse a bath.

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Waking up with the sun was a policy that seemed to be ingrained into every shinobi. Even though she had gone to sleep rather late thanks to extracurricular activities, she'd still managed to roll out of bed in time to watch the sun rise. Sitting in her bathrobe, coffee mug in hand, she replayed the events of last night.

It was official. Haruno Sakura was a bigger perv than her beloved sensei Who would have thought? Exhaling a breath at the new found revelation, she stepped inside. Preparing her breakfast Sakura started thinking of Kiba. As awesome as last night was, she had to do it with Kiba not a henge. It wasn't fair to him or Akamaru. She finished her breakfast, changed and headed out the door.

Quintessential Quintuplets - Fanservice Edition

She was going to get a mission today whether or not it was going to kill her. It would kill her. That was all there was to say. Kami was really against her today. Going to the Hokage and asking her for a mission was no problem at all. It was her luck that Ino couldn't go on said mission and she just happens to ask for one when the Hokage had no one else to send.

Walking at a slow pace towards the gate she couldn't help but sigh for the umpteenth time. Dreading to see the person in front of her, she couldn't help but think that this must be what it feels like bumping into a one night stand Why Kami, why? It had been a close one for sure. Akamaru had shown up at the nick of time. Gobbling down his breakfast both mutt and dog tee hee hee ran towards their destination.

Leave time was 10 am.

know, how

It was now and it took 10 minutes to run there. Kiba knew first hand that irritating Ino was like asking for a death wish. Arriving at the front gates panting and out of breath Kiba was ecstatic that Ino was nowhere in sight. Invalid E-mail. Password: password is required.

Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Gender Bending Jutsu!? Org is not in any way associated with or related to - Net Adult--

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Password Reset. ate Account. Akamaru's New Jutsu. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. I do not own Naruto. If you dislike such a story, please go preach somewhere else. They had been at it all morning and both were covered in minor wounds from scratches to bruises, yet both were looking ready for more. Akamaru dashed forward and performed the same maneuver as they sped towards each other like a pair of drills.

The two slammed into each other delivering powerful scratching attacks before leaping backwards and landing on their feet, although Akamaru was just a puppy, he was very strong, much more than normal domestic dogs, Kiba was the same way, far more durable than most children due to his being a taijutsu specialist. As they were ready to go at it again, they suddenly heard a noise approaching and decided to surprise whoever it was by hiding up in the trees which they quickly dashed into, Kiba using the claws of his beast mimicry technique to allow for easier climbing as Akamaru hitched a ride in his jacket.

As they waited patiently, they heard the sound of a familiar voice approaching. As the smoke cleared, the boy had transformed into a very fat girl in a Bikini with huge fat lips and stretch marks.

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Kiba and Akamaru had to use every bit of their stamina to keep from falling out of the tree in shock. At this, Kiba actually did fall out of the tree but quickly righted himself in the air to land silently on his hands and feet as Naruto transformed back to normal.

Kiba and Akamaru waited for a while longer as they watched Naruto continue to teach Konohamaru about the technique and failed continuously to get him to learn it before finally they decided to take a break and leave for Ramen. Kiba no longer felt like he wanted to surprise them, not after watching them transform into women in bikinis for 30 minutes.

He turned to Akamaru as they prepared to spar again while trying to wipe the thoughts of what they had just witnessed.

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