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Lucifer's Mom Takes His Words Literally And Gets Naked In Public - Season 2 Ep. 2 - LUCIFER

Connor stood naked in front of his mom. He closed the distance between and gripped her sides in his hands, resuming the position they'd had moments before. It was the first time Lara had seen her son's penis since he'd become a man. It stood straight and erect and veiny away from him, its bulbous head poking into her torso. As he pushed closer the head tipped up, moving against her body until it lay hard and lean between their bodies. Lara noticed she was breathing harder.

She couldn't push back against him or pull away from him. Her hands were still bound, and her feet were off the ground. All she could do was feel his control over her body. She knew, dimly, someplace deep inside, that she shouldn't be doing this, but it seemed like she'd crossed the moral redline so long ago she no longer cared.

She wanted only to surrender to the moment and the sweet, insistent pulse of her son's thick cock inside her. All redlines dissolved to a blur against the onslaught of their mutual lust and need. Connor, silent for a while, suddenly growled.

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It feels so good. Your pussy feels fantastic. She thrilled to his hard, furious fucking of her, and if he wanted to tell her how good it felt that was fine with her. He pushed her back against the post as he fucked her. He pulled one hand away from her thigh. It shot up and roughly grabbed one of her breasts, kneading it with strong fingers. She marveled at her son's strength, and his ability to hold her up with one hand and the weight of his body pressing her against the post.

She felt a sharp pinch as he squeezed a hard nipple between his fingers. Then his hand moved to do the same thing to the other breast. She felt the rise in her, again. She was going to orgasm. Her body shivered and a high-pitched squeal escaped her lips. She watched her son's strong face, his square jaw clenched, and his dark eyes cast down to watch their fucking. Connor didn't look up, but he changed his rhythm. He sped up, grabbing her butt cheeks harder with his hands and pushing inside her with even more vigor.

Lara almost felt like she'd be split in two, and she loved it. She could tell he was getting close, too. His breaths came faster and louder. His hips pressed against hers with more urgency. The thick rod of his flesh seemed to press more deeply into her with each stroke. The dam broke and she cried out a in great shriek that filled the room.

Lara couldn't name it. But it didn't need to be named. It enveloped her with overwhelming force, and she surrendered to it, utterly. Moments later she heard her son. Here it is. They shook together, Lara's left leg entwined around her son, his arms embracing her. Their bodies stilled after a while, and they stood together for a long time.

Lara heard the ticking of the clock on the wall. After a minute or two, Lara could see Connor trying to say something, but the words didn't come right away. That was -" "Yes, it was," she finished. But we did. Lara's left foot hit the floor again. Her son stepped back from her and they stared at each other, eyes wide and shining with wonder at what they'd done. Cum dripped from Connor's penis, Lara saw. She felt his cum at her entrance and trailing down her thigh.

The house was warm, and their bodies were damp. The smell of sex and sweat filled the air. Lara became aware again that her hands were still cuffed over her head and they were growing weary. She also realized the time was drawing nearer for Chuck to return. She couldn't let him find her like this.

Find the key. Get the shears. It doesn't matter. Just get me out.

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I'll look for the key again. If I can't find them, I'll get the shears. He reached forward and held his hand up.

The key was in it. You didn't see that before? They opened at once and Lara lowered her hands to her sides. Her right leg was still bound. Connor played with the loops and knots until at last he loosened them. He set Lara free. Lara's hands felt tingly from having been cuffed so long. She shook them. I have an idea. From the shoulders up.

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Connor snapped the photo. Lara took the phone from her son and tapped her thumb rapidly over the touch screen. I told him not to come back to the house. I've got somebody better.

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Report Story. I fucking loved it. Such a good plot. Glad she got rid of the boyfriend, who needs him when she has someone even better. I came whilst reading, Definitely my favourites. Her attempts to curb his swear and the flow of evidence running down her leg was too much for me.

After cleaning up and calling my mom back I did finish the story.

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I loved the story 5 star but I would have had him produce the key as his cock was positioned to enter her - so she could beg for it anyway. Also I love oral sex and which he would have gotten his face wet and used the Key in the end so she could drop to her knees for his finish. She closed her eyes to accept the oncoming rush of orgasm. The wetness inside already was building up, and she felt the toy moving with slippery ease inside her now.

She expected to make a mess on the wood floor below her. Then, suddenly, the buzzing against her stopped. She opened her eyes to see Chuck pulling the vibrator out of her.

You have to finish me. I want you to feel horny while you're bound like that. I want you to feel that need to come while you stand there. His eyes traveled up and down Lara's bound body. When he was done ogling her, he drew closer to her and stared into her eyes. Chuck's face twisted into a wicked smile. Yes, I'm sure of it. I need to go to the store and get some whipped cream.

He meant to leave her like this when he went to the store. You're not going to leave me like this? I think you want this. You don't think you do, but I think you do. I'm going to run to the store. I'll get some whipped cream and some other things. I won't take. I'll be back in -" He paused dramatically, staring intently at Lara's face. Lara could tell he enjoyed her nervousness.

You re mom naked

Let me out. We can resume this when you get back. I think you'll like it. It'll be good for you. You act so demure most of the time, but there's this side of you that wants to get out, and I'm going to help you do it. I'll be back in two hours. On the button. Nobody will be here or see you before that.

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By the time I get back you'll be going crazy for what I'm going to do to you. Chuck was gone. Lara was in the house alone.

Lara's jaw dropped with astonishment and dismay. She was in the same position in the living room she had been. She couldn't move, because her hands were held by thick leather cuffs over her head. The steel link chain between the cuffs was strung between a sturdy eyebolt Chuck had screwed deeply into a heavy wooden support beam in the middle of the living room, rising from the floor to the ceiling.

Lara faced the front door of the house, not fifteen feet away. Her back and bottom rested against the cool wood of the support beam. She couldn't go anywhere. And she was completely naked. Before he'd pulled out his camera, Chuck also had bound her right leg with a long line of jute rope and tied off the other end around the beam above her head.

The result was that the rope held her right thigh suspended at almost a right angle from her left leg. Only the ball of her left foot touched the ground. With the front of her body facing the front door, Lara was aware of the extreme vulnerability of her position.

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She was on display with her legs parted to anyone who might come through the door. Lara looked all around, wondering how she might get out of her predicament. She looked above her, at the eyebolt screwed into the wood. She thought she might be able to unscrew it, but her hands couldn't reach it. One of her legs was free, but she needed it to stand on, and there was nothing to do with it, besides. She thought Chuck, in his puckish hurry, probably had left the key to the cuffs nearby, but she didn't know where they were.

She wouldn't be able to reach them, probably, even if she could see them. She pulled down on the cuffs, putting all her weight against them. She wondered if the weight might break the chain or pull out the bolt. It did neither.

The only thing she accomplished was to cause the cuffs to dig into her wrists. She put the weight on her foot again and stopped pulling against the cuffs. Her position, when relaxed, wasn't comfortable, but it wasn't painful, either. If she shifted right, she could throw the bulk of her weight on to the coil of rope around her thigh and take the weight off her foot. The leather of the cuffs was soft, and they weren't painful if she didn't pull against them. But she realized quickly she couldn't hold this position forever.

Two hours - what Chuck had promised - was a long time to be kept in this position. As the minutes ticked by, her anger at Chuck grew. She knew she was partly responsible. They'd been boyfriend and girlfriend for the last two months. Soon after they'd started dating, Chuck had revealed his fondness for kinky games, and Lara, not long divorced from a sexually boring marriage, went along with everything Chuck suggested.

Lara enjoyed walking the knife's edge of control. Chuck enjoyed putting her in vulnerable positions, and she had to admit she got a charge out of being in those positions.

But this was the most vulnerable position she'd been in, yet. She was naked and cuffed and bound, fifteen feet from an unlocked front door. Theoretically, anybody could walk in the door at any time. She knew it was unlikely. There was little chance anyone would walk through the door before Chuck's return a little over an hour and a half away.

The only person that might do so was her son, who was playing baseball with friends from college and wasn't expected to be back until after 6 pm - several hours away. So, it was highly unlikely anyone would see her before Chuck came back and set her free. Only an unlocked door stood between Lara's nude, bound, exposed body and the rest of the world, and there was nothing she could do about it until Chuck came back.

It said nothing back. The silence that followed her voice was almost palpable, heavy, oppressive. As time passed, she grew more nervous. She didn't think it was likely that her son would come home before Chuck, but she guessed it was possible.

Her son, Connor, was a junior in college and lived in an apartment half an hour away with two friends from college. But he had a key to the house, and Lara and Connor had talked about him coming over to the house to have dinner with his mom at 6.

Lara turned her head to the right. The clock on the wall said it was only 1 p. She tried to suppress her nervousness at the possibility of Connor seeing her as she was. She didn't think it was likely. Earlier in the day he'd called her to tell her he'd be playing baseball with his friends all day. Connor was a dedicated athlete and took his baseball games with his friends seriously. It was very, very unlikely, thought Lara, that he'd come home early. But it was possible. She couldn't imagine Connor seeing her naked and cuffed to the post.

They weren't a prudish family, but they didn't walk around naked in front of each other, either. Lara couldn't think of a time that Connor had seen her naked.

He was no longer a boy, but an athletic, good-looking, eligible - though currently single - young man. It would be just too mortifying if he came home before Chuck did. With the growing nervousness she felt something else, as well. The temperature was rising. She hadn't turned the air conditioning on earlier, and the heat from the relentless summer sun was working its way into the house.

She looked down at the pale, nude surface of her body. She wasn't sweating yet. But she would be by the time Chuck got back.

Lara was annoyed at Chuck. She liked playing games, but this was too much. It wasn't right of him to leave her in such a vulnerable position for such a long time. She was nude and helpless. She'd agreed to be cuffed and trussed like this, but not for 2 hours with Chuck outside the house. He'd had no right to leave her so helpless.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she grew at him. She imagined things that might happen. The mailman accidently pushing the door open and stumbling upon her. A nosy neighbor trying the doorknob after getting no response to the doorbell and finding the respectable Lara Winston in a decidedly unrespectable state. Or - God forbid - a burglar seeking entry into the house and finding the door unlocked.

Still another feeling grew inside Lara. She fought it, trying to keep it at bay with her annoyance at Chuck and fear for her predicament. But she couldn't stop it. The feeling started from someplace deep and coursed through her.

Her skin tingled. Her heart beat faster. Lara was aroused. She was excited to be naked and exposed and helpless. Chuck had figured out this secret part of Lara right away, though her ex-husband hadn't figured it out in 18 years of marriage. Lara liked to be on edge. She liked being naked, and she especially liked being naked in circumstances where one wasn't supposed to be naked. She gazed down on her full breasts. The nipples stood pink and pert and erect.

Warmth suffused her chest and belly. A warmth started between her legs, enveloping the lips and cleft of her vulva. It grew in intensity.

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Something tickled her thigh. She was wet. She couldn't see it, but she was sure of it. A faint trickle started down her skin. She was turned on. A part of her body responded eagerly to the possibility that someone might find her naked.

Mom, You're Naked!

Chuck will be back soon. Nobody's going to see me. This will all be over. Get it together. She tried to calm herself. It wasn't easy, but after two minutes of steady breathing she thought it was working.

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