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Yu-Gi-Oh - Yugi x Tea Moments Part 2 -ENG DUB-

She is an original character created for the anime and does not exist in the manga. Rebecca is, in the original Japanese version, the youngest person to become the American Duel Monsters champion, formerly held by Bandit Keith. In the English anime, she is the Intercontinental Champion. Rebecca is also the granddaughter of Arthur Hawkins. She is twelve years old in the original Japanese anime. In the dub, she is eight, ten in Waking the Dragons.

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Seto possessed by Aknadin in his battle with Atem. This was a vision seen by Kaiba and Yami during their duel in Battle City. By the time Atem got there, Magus had possessed Seto after the latter refused to serve him.

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Seto was freed from Aknadin's control, and Atem thanked Kisara for this. This fight would be the main source of Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba 's rivalry.

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However, after their duel, Zorc was set for the kingdom. Zorc arrived and a massive battle began. However Zorc was able to overcome Atem's forces. It then became clear that without the Millennium Items, they did not stand a chance. Isis and Mana set off to retrieve them. Mana returned but Isis and Shimon had perished at Zorc's hands. Atem then brought out all three Egyptian Gods to fight Zorc. Though the gods were able to overpower him, it did not last.

Zorc then destroyed all three gods and turned them into stone before proceeding to lay waste to the rest of the kingdom.

Yu-Gi-OH episode 28- deleted scene

Not wanting Zorc's rampage to continue into other parts of the world, Atem defeated Zorc by using an extremely powerful magic spell to seal both himself and Zorc within the Millennium Pendantusing his name as the key to the spell and erasing his own memories to keep the spell from ever being used to return Zorc to life ever again.

A number of traps and monsters were placed within to protect the artifact and traces of his name were destroyed. Priest Seto built the Tablet of Lost Memoriesa famous stone tablet depicting them battling one another with their favorite monsters, Blue-Eyes White Dragon Kisara and Dark Magician Maha as a symbol of their friendship.

As an ancient prophecy had predicted that the Pharaoh would return sometime after his own demise in the modern-day era, the Ishtar family devoted their lives to protecting the Pharaoh's tomb until that time. The same would happen for all the descendants of the Ishtar family for the next three thousand years five thousand in the 4kids versionsomething Marik Ishtar would resent and swear vengeance on the Pharaoh when his spirit did indeed return.

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Over the course of the next three thousand years 5, in the English anime many would attempt to steal the Millennium Puzzle but would fall victim to the traps, except for one person who was driven mad and would wander his village saying "The shadow game. According to Solomon, his companion tried to kill him to take the Pharaoh's treasure for himself, but Solomon was saved by what appeared to be the spirit of Atem.

As Yami, he aided Yugi many times over the course of his adventures, with Yugi attempting to return the favor by finding the secret of Atem's past. Atem wakes up on the balcony of the royal palace, where Shimon Muranhis Royal Vizier, informs him that the people are eager to meet their new Pharaoh. Although still stripped of his memories prior to sealing himself in the Millennium Puzzle, Atem greets his subjects. Atem learns that there are six chosen priests in this world, who guard the Millennium Items.

Atem spots Bakura leaving the palace, after he had snuck in to possess Aknadin with Zorc. Atem chases after Bakura on horseback and battles Diabound, now powered by the Millennium Ring. Atem summons Slifer the Sky Dragonbut Bakura is able to take advantage of Slifer protecting the civilians.

Diabound manages to defeat Slifer and Atem runs out of Ba. Ra transforms into God Phoenix Mode and manages to defeat Diabound, but Zorc, in control of Aknadin, reverses time, bringing back Diabound and pulling Atem's friends away from him. Without Yugi's BaRa leaves.

Diabound shatters the ground below Atem, leaving him hanging off an edge. Here Bakura takes the Millennium Pendant and leaves him to fall to his death.

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Atem is left injured in an underground cavern, believed to be dead for a while. She said to Yami Yugi, that he better bring Yugi back safely. She then wished Yami Yugi good luck for his duel with Dartz, while she say behind hoping that everything was alright. After Dartz was defeated, the gang stayed with Rebecca and her grandfather for a while.

She lost to Leon von Schroeder in the semi-finals which she's greatly upset about it and she wanted a rematch with Yugi again.

She spent the rest of the tournament cheering from the sidelines. In the Japanese version of the final episodeRebecca made her final appearance by hugging Yugi at the airport while Tea glares at the scene. Initially, Rebecca was hostile to both Yugi and his grandfather, accusing them of stealing her grandfather's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", but this conflict is resolved very quickly.

However, during her second appearance in the Waking the Dragons arc, Rebecca announces that she is in college and has taken Yugi as her "boyfriend". Since then, Rebecca continues to express her romantic affection for Yugi, getting angry at Yami Yugi after his loss to Rafael.

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The two even share a bit of a moment at Rebecca's destroyed house. She also gets mad at Vivian when she tries to flirt with Yugi, and taunts her after beating her in a Duel.

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Then, during her Duel with Leon von Schroeder, she gets depressed when Yugi gets distracted by having to find his grandfather, who goes missing, and hugged him pretty much whenever she saw him. In Season 4, she has a bigger bond towards her, even talking to her about her concerns regarding Yugi and Yami. Generally, Rebecca never really showed any bonding with Joey, though she was often on the receiving end of his comments both from her first appearance and later appearance in Season 4.

Whenever Vivian is around with Rebecca or vice-versa, Rebecca does not show any support for her, having already claimed Yugi for herself. Rebecca originally utilizes her grandfather's Shadow Ghoul Deckwhich she had inherited from him, focused around loading the Graveyard with Monster Cards through cards such as " Judgment Blaster " to power up her favourite monster Shadow Ghoul.

In addition, she also uses a large quantity of cards which give her a hand advantage such as " Skelengel " and " Sangan ". Solomon Mutowatching the duel between her and Yugi, thought about how their duel and the cards they played were an exact recreation of his past duel with Arthur.

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Her main strategy is using " Fire Princess " along with " Marie the Fallen One " to constantly inflict damage. She also utilizes a large quantity of stall cards such as " Gravity Bind " and " Imperial Order ". In Yu-Gi-Oh! Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Yugi would have no problem destroying his opponent's mind if they lost a duel if they were a dick about it.

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At one point, Kaiba threatened to jump off a cliff if he lost a match which was heavily toned down in the dub. In the episode of the anime, called "Double Duel, Part 1", Yugi and Kaiba are forced to work together against a pair of opponents. They had to face the Rare Hunter duo known as Umbra and Lumis, on top of a tall building.

The duel takes place on a segmented glass roof. When a player's life points hit zero, then the glass will shatter beneath them and they will fall into a portal to the Shadow Realm.

The original Japanese version of this episode was a tad more graphic. There were no portals to the Shadow Realm to catch the losing player. Instead, they simply fell to their death. One of the first duelists ever shown in the anime was Weevil Underwood.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2 Episodes

He used a deck based around Insect-type monsters. This time, he faced Joey Wheeler and used a selection of powerful insects that used body horror as a weapon. During his duel against Joey, Weevil used the "Parasite Paracide" card.

In its original Japanese artwork, the card depicted an insect that was literally bursting out of a man's face. The effect of the card allowed it to be placed on the opponent's side of the field, where it transformed all of his monsters into insects.

A lot of these scenes were removed for the English dub of the show.

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Censoring the realistic depiction of firearms is not something that is limited to just guns. This extended to bombs and explosives, as even cards that showed dynamite that looked like it came out of a Warner Bros. When it comes to guns, the way they are usually censored is by making them less realistic.

This is often done by making them resemble futuristic laser weapons. One of the earliest and most poorly done examples of this happened with the Barrel Dragon. This was one of Bandit Keith's monsters that he used as part of his Machine deck. It resembled a robotic dinosaur with three giant revolvers on its back and arms. They now looked like Nerf guns that had been painted in a way so that they could be taken to a rave. One of the most problematic characters for the dub was Marik Ishtar.

When he finally started duelling during the Battle City arc, it was revealed that his deck was made up of monsters that were based around the concept of torture. Marik, however, can turn any match into a Shadow Duel with the power of his Millennium Item.

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A Shadow Duel forces the players to endure the suffering of their monsters. In the original version of the show, Mai was shown being tortured by the effects of Marik's monsters. Once she loses the duel, Mai's mind is trapped within an hourglass. Marik tells her that once the sand runs out, she will die. In the English dub of these episodes.

Pharaoh Atem

The Shadow Duel affects Mai's memories. The torture scenes are replaced with Mai seemingly forgetting who everyone is.

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When she is trapped within the hourglass, she is told that she will lose her memories once the time runs out. In this case, 4Kids may have done the right thing. The original scenes of Mai's torture were especially brutal. Scott has been writing for Screen Rant since and regularly contributes to The Gamer. It turned out that wasting a childhood playing video games, reading comic books, and watching movies could be used for finding employment, regardless of what any career advisor might tell you.

Scott now writes game reviews for Screen Rant and The Gamer, as well as news reports, opinion pieces, and game guides.

He can be contacted on LinkedIn.

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