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Indie Bixlow rp blog AUs and Crossovers accepted. Ask, M! As, etc are also welcomed. Multi-ship blog. NSFW and Smut welcomed. I feel like this would be something and I think they would be in the same athletic club.

He gestured to a felled tree. Izuku took up his offer and waited patiently for the man to answer. The man sat himself on the trunk with a painful sounding grunt. Nowadays if I shift, my golden scales end up digging into old battle scars and I suffer some serious pain. Druids, however, draw upon nature.

So, young man, I was able to very easily connect your flow of energy and trace it back to the arcana of the forest. It would definitely explain your appearance and your demeanor.

The man shook his head. It just exists. But if you would like to tap into your ancestral roots, I would be happy to try and help. Toshinori smiled at him. Is that alright with you? His meetings with Toshinori started after Izuku finished his morning runs. Nobody was expecting Izuku to perform magic. It had to be the ace up his sleeve, to be revealed only when he deemed himself in dire straights.

Their first session was spent discussing the class of magic Izuku would try to emulate. So we might have to find something your arcanic levels would be better suited for, say, Ranger magic? He pointed to a squirrel seated on the log they had their first discussion on just yesterday. Izuku blinked up at him. Keep in mind that the energy that flows from the world and into you also flows into the squirrel.

We are all on the same plane of arcana and drawing energy from the world. This is also a battle of minds. Are you smarter than a squirrel or not, young man? They stared at each other for a good long while before Izuku took a tentative step forward. He took another and then another until he was standing above the creature.

Toshinori chittered behind him. The squirrel peeked around Izuku and listened before bounding over to the druid. It chittered back and Izuku watched in amazement as he continued to cast Speak with Animals to hold a conversation with the squirrel. When Toshinori finally looked up at Izuku, he smiled. He almost felt something, but you scared him a little bit because your expression was so serious. Toshinori bonked him on the head. You are smarter than the squirrel.

There was something oddly parental about the man. Magic lessons started becoming games of hide and seek. It reminded Izuku of the times he had played as a child with Kacchan, only now he was blindfolded and stumbling around the forest looking for a magic man instead of his childhood friend. Izuku moved towards it, tripping over vines as he went. He tried to focus on the forest and the way that things were connected.

In his immensely focused state, his breathing subconsciously slowed until he could no longer hear it. Even his own heartbeat echoed dully in his ears. His outstretched palms felt tingly, but not numb, thrumming with hyperawareness. There was something. Was magic warm? He followed it, like it was a string connecting him to an unknown force, arope tugging him forward. He was standing in front of that feeling now. He was sure. Izuku lifted the blindfold and gaped.

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Izuku shrieked in surprise, stumbling backwards and falling on his ass. I can do that as a druid. I guess you picked it up when you heard me using it the other day. Squirrel is a pretty easy language to learn. Not a whole lot of sounds. Mostly everything is in the pitch. Izuku got to his feet. I-I can perform magic! Toshinori-san, would you mind shapeshifting back? I really would like to hug you right now. Toshinori rested a hand on his shoulder and looked at him fondly.

I was about to say something very similar. The trials are going to start tomorrow and I need to oversee them. Toshinori chuckled. Izuku stood, mouth agape. Toshinori thought this over. Izuku felt tears prick the back of his eyes. Nobody had ever given him the time or means to prove himself like this. He thought of his home village, with its warriors and medics who barred him from even trying to learn their crafts, how nobody would apprentice him so that he had to observe and take notes from afar.

He was the first person who truly believed in Izuku and was willing to teach him. He threw his arms over the old dragonborn ruler. I made biscuits for breakfast. I thought we could eat them while we walk over together.

Izuku pushed open the door, already dressed and feeling prepared. He stepped out into the dawn of a new day. Izuku nodded, tightening the work gloves on his hands. So Izuku does have fae ancestry, although he's removed from it by quite a few generations.

He's part dryad, which, if you are unfamiliar with, is a tree spirit. Since Toshinori is a druid, he has a strong affinity with and draws magic from nature, so he was able to detect that sort of presence within Izuku and help him draw it out. Thanks for reading! See you next ate! If you got questions, comments, or just want to stop by to say hi, my is merrywetherweather and I always like receiving asks.

Hello, it's been a while!

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I've sort of been on a hiatus while I work on my Halloween costume. I'm being Kacchan in his hero outfit and his gauntlets are so goddamn time consuming.

I'll be back to posting regularly again after Halloween passes. Autumn is usually a busy season for me, since my birthday is like three days after Halloween and then the family oriented holidays come into play.

I was home sick today, so I managed to squeeze out this ate, cause I felt too queasy to get up and work on my costume. They arrived at a stadium on the outskirts of town just as the sun was making its way over the horizon. Izuku tried to follow the crowd inside, mesmerized at how such a large building even existed, but Kirishima yanked him back by his hood. We go in through a different entrance. He took Izuku behind the structure and down a ramp.

Further down, they were confronted with an iron wrought door. Kirishima creaked it open and ushered him inside. The stretch of tunnel before him was dark, but he was able to navigate it with surprising ease. The tunnel eventually opened up into a dimly lit room where other dragonborns were milling about and chatting. They took their first few steps inside. His nose flooded with that warm ginger scent and a fire pooled in his gut.

Kacchan stood leaning against the far wall, arms crossed. His face looked disinterested in fraternizing with the other competitors as some of them attempted to bring him into conversations. His head swiveled back and forth, his brow furrowing in both confusion and concentration.

There was no going back now. He had to see his plan through. No matter how badly Kacchan reacted, Izuku had no intention of backing down. Kacchan caught sight of his friend and started to make his way over.

You used to come to my sparring matches every week and then you just up and disappeared for a month. Your stone-cutting business start doing fucking amazing or what? He looked over his shoulder and winked at Izuku, still hiding behind the larger man and the anonymity of his hood. The competitors walked up a plank and poured out from below the ground, lining up to face a small wooden stage. On it sat a consul of dragonborn men and women.

In the center, Izuku spotted Toshinori. When everyone was standing at attention, Toshinori stood up and stepped forward to the center of the stage. May these proclamations drive you to give your all as you represent your clan and yourselves.

The audience clapped respectfully. Kirishima looked starstruck. The first person took to the stage and declared themselves a competitor and, one at a time, others followed.

They stated their reasons for participation. Rulership, family, honor, glory, love. No, it would have to be something more. Something that would make Kacchan look at him. Kirishima took his turn on stage.

Kacchan followed immediately after. He stared out across the rows of other competitors, eyes judgmentally raking them over. He smirked something wicked. There was a chorus of boos and an excited buzz from the audience in the stands as he delivered his proclamation and started to walk off the stage.

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Izuku felt himself get yanked forward and pushed to the stairs as Kacchan took his first step down. Izuku smiled and turned away from him, quickly finishing his climb onto the stage. He withdrew his hood and stared directly down at Kacchan, who still stood frozen in place on the steps. The consul members behind him and the competitors before him murmured in hushed tones of indignation and confusion. A hand came down on his shoulder and he looked up to see Toshinori placating the crowd.

You will all abide by the rules of these trials and respect him as any other competitor. I will vouch for his entry.

The murmuring returned with a new atmosphere of gleeful scandalization. Izuku climbed down the stairs and took his place next to Kacchan and Kirishima.

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You will all meet there by daybreak. Those who finish in the top twenty will continue onto the second trial. As soon as the competitors started to disperse, Kacchan gripped Izuku by his shirt collar and pulled him into his face.

Izuku could smell the threatened alpha pheromones coming off him in waves. Izuku must have really shook him up. Just think of me as an extra. You guys really do know each other! He was the house guest I mentioned! Kirishima frowned. Or, at the very least, apologize and comfort him your damn self! Kirishima sighed. It was in the forest, when Izuku and Kacchan had fended off the three men from his village. Kacchan had smelled like this then too. Izuku stepped out from behind Kacchan and stood next to Kirishima, facing the man he had come here to pursue.

But Kacchan continued to tug him along. They exited the back of the stadium.

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A few of the other dragonborn competitors still lingered nearby. What are you doing with that little Elven guy? Especially after he publicly announced his approval for the guy! He continued his hurried pace.

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Izuku felt himself get yanked forward as Kacchan spun him around and pressed him up against the trunk of a tree. His forearms came up on either side of his head, blocking his peripherals and forcing Izuku to look at Kacchan directly. Izuku crossed his arms, swelling with a little burst of pride. Kacchan shook his head. But I do! All Might? When did you get chummy with the fucking Myastan Clan leader? Izuku pushed at his chest, upset. Toshinori-san and Kirishima are my friends.

I think your close proximity might have unintentionally triggered his rut. Kirishima might not think of you like that, but his other head certainly has another opinion. Kacchan chuckled. A hint of genuine concern laced his features. What kind of omega are you to chase after an alpha and then peacock for him? You know this is backwards, right? What have I done so far that makes you think any of this was a declaration of courtship?

But, you know me, and you know what I might find interesting in a courtship. After watching you fight now and remembering our fights when were kids, I can tell that you still always lead with a right hook. And sometimes you get too confident and start to focus on the end result rather than the small details. Gonna be hard to participate in the trials like that.

Kacchan regarded him, a twinge of something mischievous in his eye. It wrapped around him like a blanket, making him excited and relaxed all at once.

He slid down the tree until he found himself on his ass, breathless and staring up at the alpha in shock. Kacchan peered down at him. Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! I've got some more fun things planned while I ate this one. I've started writing up some of the extra chapters for my completed fic, Grief Counseling, and I have a few finished, but unedited, chapters for another new fic in the works.

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One of my SOs is also a really big dekubowl fan and has slipped me a really good oneshot idea that I plan to breathe life into at some point, so that's a lot of stuff I'm working on, but also a lot of stuff to look forward to! Until next time! He left me there! Kirishima swallowed three more large gulps before doing the same. And who does he think he is teasing me with my actual name like that? Why the hell would he even give me that small hope if it was pointless?

Kirishima nodded sagely. Are you sure you were seducing him though? I thought you entered the trials out of love, but your declaration sounded like you had a vendetta against him. Izuku pointed an unsteady finger at Kirishima. So, what? He avoids anything romantic, but he still teases me. I hate him. Kirishima watched him thoughtfully, head on his hand and a small unbelieving smile on his face. Izuku finished off his drink. He had never had alcohol before, but Kirishima had insisted on having a large drink of ale when they got back.

He stared spitefully at the empty cup. Izuku obeyed. The hankie disappeared and Izuku leaned into Kirishima as they walked down the path. Kirishima patted at his shoulder.

Bakugou can be hard to deal with and even harder to understand. For instance, you know how you call him Kacchan? And, from what I observed, you can make him pretty quiet.

I think I really really love him. We need to get you to bed anyhow. Izuku nodded in understanding, rubbing tiredly at his eyes. Goodnight Kirishima. When had Izuku undressed himself during the night? It seemed fairly simple, and, with how often Izuku had been running, he was sure he could handle it. It was only when they arrived at the Plain of Accent that Izuku began to doubt his abilities. Kirishima followed his line of sight.

The geysers? It breaks through and shoots up like that! As a dragonborn, I can easily avoid getting burned by the- Oh, wait. You could die. What are you going to do? His eyes settled back onto one of the trees and he smiled. Just do your best with the trials and good luck! The dragonborns bolted forwards, some taking flight in dragon form, others running over the plains and dodging steaming water shooting up from below.

And then there was Kacchan, heading the pack, fire torpedoing him through the air. Izuku watched as they all struggled through. And then he took a step back from the starting line and turned to race for the closest tree nearby. He inspected the bark of the tree thoroughly before nodding and ripping a large, hefty chunk from its trunk.

Toshinori recognized the spell Absorb Elements from even a distance away. Izuku brought the piece of bark back to the starting line and carefully eyed up the plains. He jumped over a geyser, pulling the large and enchanted piece of bark under him just as the water boiled up, shooting him into the air. Most of the participants were halfway through the Plains of Accent, as Izuku soared overhead, passing even those that used their wings.

He gripped the edge of the bark and cheered. He had done it! He was going to make it across the plains! He could continue the trials and his courtship! He was. Izuku angled himself so that he would come right above the alpha. Then he dove down with his piece of bark outstretched, slamming it down on the ground in front of Kacchan. A small bout of water burst forth from the disturbed earth, startling Kacchan and giving Izuku that extra push he needed to glide across the rest of the plains.

He tumbled near the end, getting up and sprinting to the finish line. When he reached the end, his knees gave out and he went down, panting and clutching at his shirtfront. Then Kacchan came in second, hot on his trails. He held a hand up threateningly overhead, sparks forming in his palms. Recalling how it felt to be on the receiving end of one of those blasts from long ago, he brought his arms up, protectively.

The water had scalded him, and, now that it had been brought to his attention, it burned like a motherfucker. He winced and a small whimper of pain left his lips. Kacchan let his scarred arm go, concern clouding his eyes. Oh dear! Does he need medical attention? Kacchan surprised him by getting off of Izuku and growling at the old sovereign. He waved his hands, warding off the threat.

He needs ointment as soon as possible. He turned back to face Izuku and startled him, as his strong arms swooped down, one arm moving under his knees, the other around his back, pulling him into a carry. Toshinori pointed down the plains. Kacchan nodded. Izuku tried to catch his eye from below, but he seemed determined at keeping his gaze forward-facing. Kacchan refused to give it.

Kacchan plopped Izuku down in front of her and pointed down at him. She chuckled. You seem like you could use some tea to calm your nerves.

Izuku watched as a blue glow traveled over his arm, cooling the burn until the ugly, searing red color drained from his skin. Scars remained across the length of his limb and he eyed them with dissatisfaction.

He just stared back at him levelly from behind a cup of tea. Chiyo finished his treatment by bandaging his arm and patting him on the head. Kacchan clicked his tongue, but walked out of the medical area. Izuku quickly clambered to his feet and followed, lengthening his stride to keep up. Frustrated, Izuku stepped on the hem of his cape, watching with satisfaction as Kacchan was jerked back, before he whipped around to glare at him. He turned back around and continued moving through the gathering crowd of participants.

There are our first and second place winners. Will you be able to overtake them in the second trial? Half of the participants clapped. The others remained silent. Izuku felt a great deal of hungry eyes upon him and the position he now held. Thank you for being patient while I cranked this chapter out! It feels a little short by my usual standards, but I felt everything in it was pretty important to developing the story. I wanted to thank everyone for being so enthralled with this work!

I like to include a lot of parallels to canon, so I'm happy when people can recognize me doing that with the trials juxtaposed to the sports festival. But I also wanted to make it clear that while some of the future cts of the trials might relate back to canon, I don't want it to completely reflect it, since some things might distract from the central focus of this story, which is the development of Kacchan and Deku's relationship.

As such, I have no plans to include Todoroki's backstory or really anything to do with him. You'll also find that the second trial is something I came up with and doesn't really parallel back to the sports festival in canon at all. But you'll have to wait for the next chapter to see what it is. The first eight to make it down will move on to trial three!

Rest well participants! As soon as Izuku heard his closing remark, he felt himself getting yanked back and dragged through the crowd. He allowed himself to be pulled, already expecting to see Kacchan gripping his wrist.

He was surprised to find the grip as strong as it was, a twinge of pain radiating from the newly healed area of his recently burned arm. He reluctantly kept pace until he was pulled behind a large outcropping of rocks, just outside the sightline of the dispersing dragonborns. The man threw him against the jagged surface of the rocks and growled at him, baring his teeth. It was nauseating and intimidating, sending his mind racing for a way to make it stop. What right do you have to be here when you know nothing of our clan?

Present and show him your scent gland? How would an elf manage to sneak his way in otherwise? He examined his neck. And here I thought either All Might or Bakugou was your alpha. A little disobedient. In a frenzied state, he took the opportunity to escape. He leapt over the the now fidgeting body of the alpha and sprinted around the outcropping.

Where the fuck did you wander off to? Izuku took a moment to steady his breathing. It was difficult, since he felt so close to hyperventilating.

He cleared his throat and wiped the sweat from his brow, attempting to feign normalcy. I want you to consider dropping out. Izuku laughed, something painful and broken. Kacchan shook his head, blinking away confusion. None of that has anything to do with what I came to tell you. It was unwavering. Izuku easily shook off his hand.

Izuku growled at him, animalistic and threatening.

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Kacchan had the presence of mind to at least take a step back. How should I act? Kacchan sighed. More tears started to fall. Izuku gd. More than likely, it was an instinctual response triggered by Kacchan smelling the distressed omegan scent rolling off of him. But he was so not in the mood to have his emotions manipulated by his biology. If he wanted to feel sadness and indignation then no one would take that from him.

Izuku let out a low warning growl, but quickly covered his mouth to stifle it. I honestly had a hard time even getting myself past our little makeshift dueling pit. That was halfway between the house and the shed! Kirishima waved off his worries. And I brought you dinner! Izuku pushed the blankets off and glared at Kirishima as the overwhelming anger and the fresh memories of alphas trying to manipulate his feelings came rushing back to him.

Kirishima startled, his scent retreating as the smell of distressed omega overtook the room once more.

We prove ourselves through strength. Did someone mess with you? How am I supposed to prove my worth through my strength, if he keeps dissuading me from trying?

Kirishima let out a shaky breath. Kirishima gave him one last wave and slipped out of the workshed. Izuku curled back up in his nest of blankets with nothing but silence and his tumultuous thoughts.

I have this running gag where Deku just fucking kicks mofos in the groin when they fuck with him. Also, I wanted to make it clear that the bad alpha that tried to claim Deku was mostly upset with his race rather than his omega status, not that it matters really.

I just wanted it to be clear what dragonborn society prioritizes. Hey, it's been a while, but I'm also working on other fics atm so I hope you'll forgive me for losing track of a coherent schedule. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter. There's, uh Out of twenty people, twelve had dropped out. There would be no need to race to keep up with anybody. No time limit. Apparently, all he had to do was make it up the winding spirelike mountain and then back down with what Master Toshinori had called the Proof of Life before dusk.

Why had twelve of the strongest dragonborn competitors from the Myastan Clan bowed out? Multi-ship blog. NSFW and Smut welcomed.

I feel like this would be something and I think they would be in the same athletic club. You know my babies. Anything spicy is good. Probably form the added sun. There is a light tan line around his waist where his boxers are riding lower than usual. Keith stares at him unabashedly because, well he can now, okay? This room is amazing! It takes less than twenty seconds to get down there, rojo. Veinte segundos. Diosthis is going to be awesome. Keith smiles as Lance babbles on and on about the room.

Lance gasps. The temperature is perfect in here! And by maybe, I mean, totally and completely. Lance raises an eyebrow at him. He hums. The beach is crowded when they get there, but they manage to find a small nook of sand where they lay out their towels. Lance flops down on his towel, already stripped down to his tiny swim trunks, and stretches, placing his hands behind his head.

Lance sighs, but it comes out as a laugh, and he sits up and gestures for Keith to sit in front of him. Lance is talking to him, laughing about someone on the towels next to them and saying something about getting a margarita but Keith just lets his eyes close as he savors the feeling of Lance rubbing over his shoulders and trailing his hands over his lower back. Suddenly, he feels one of those aforementioned hands swatting him upside the head. Keith turns to face him. Keith blushes.

It has nothing to do with you. He shakes his head slowly, laughing, and lowers himself onto his towel. Then adds. Keith tries to make and angry sounds but it bubbles out of him like an embarrassed giggle. Keith sighs. Lance chuckles. Keith shoots him a death glare. Look at me! He desperately tries to catch his breath. Keith just scowls at him, feeling an embarrassed flush in his cheeks. They are back in their hotel room after hours of laying on the beach.

About two bottles of sunscreen later, Keith still managed to burn all over, his color bearing an uncanny resemblance that of a stop sign. He decides to ignore the pain right now and just focus on the visual, eyes scanning his shirtless body in the mirror, horrified.

Lance is behind him now.

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Keith bites back a smile. Lance is grinning at him in the mirror. He can tell by the strained noises coming from Lance that he is still trying not to laugh. Keith settles on a soft, dark gray tank top that feels tolerable on his sensitive skin. He throws his hair up into a ponytail in an attempt to cool down and flops down onto the bed. Lance is still in his towel, scanning the shirts and shorts in his suitcase. Lance scoffs. Keith shakes his head as Lance flushes, biting his lip and looking back down at his clothes.

Keith finds it so strange that ever after all this time, Lance still gets flustered when he compliments him. Keith continues looking at Lance with his eyebrow raised, waiting for him to answer his own question. Keith snorts, rolling his eyes and picking the menu back up to hide his blush. Lance is laughing loudly at his own joke. We should get them. Lance rolls his eyes. Like an experiment! They do it in all the movies. Keith giggles.

They end up making quite a mess of the whole situation, neither of them ever having had oysters before, and make fools out of themselves in front of the other restaurant guests trying to figure out how to eat them. Keith feels full of warmth and heat and happiness as they stumble a little drunkenly out of the restaurant, giggling and holding onto each other for dear life.

The air is hot and thick in the city, streets crowded with party-goers and teenagers clubbing. He feels Lance wrapped around him and it really is blissful, in the simplest of terms. They stop by a small convenience shop and Lance makes friendly conversation with the cashier, blabbering quickly in Spanish and laughing at something he says while Keith searches for a bottle of aloe vera cream.

Keith listenes as Lance runs his tongue, the foreign language sounding smooth and practiced and it falls from his lips. Lance pulls away from Keith and makes a show out of tapping his chin and looking up at the sky.

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