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Content approaching. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Please ate the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. With the outbreak of civil war between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems , Secura and her fellow Jedi supported the Republic by becoming officers in its newly-formed military. Throughout the conflict, Secura fought alongside her soldiers in multiple battles across the galaxy , from Geonosis to Quell , Coruscant , and Felucia.

Igniting her blue-bladed lightsaberSecura and her fellow Jedi met the Separatist battle droids head-on in the Geonosian arena.

Aayla Secura

At one point, Secura dispatched a super battle droid by kicking it in the face. Unfortunately, the Jedi were overwhelmed and picked off by sheer force of numbers and soon only a few remained standing in a circle, desperately fending off blaster fire.

When Count Dooku called a halt, Secura was escorted from elsewhere in the arena by two Geonosian warriors and joined the survivor's circle. Led by Master Mace Winduthe remaining Jedi rebuffed his offer of surrender and prepared to die fighting, but the timely arrival of Master Yoda and a fleet of gunships bearing the newly christened clone army saved them from death.

Boarding a gunship out of the arena, Secura then led a squad of Clone troopers into battle against the droid army, a battle that led to the galaxy-wide conflict known as the Clone Wars. At some point during the Clone Wars, her fleet came under attack at Quell. Damaged in the battle, her flagship began falling through the atmosphere. The situation was made worse when rocket droids started boarding her ship.

Secura and the others then fought their way to Skywalker's frigate. However, en route, Secura and the others were pushed out of the way of an explosion by Skywalker, who tried to hold it back with the Force. However, it was too strong for him and he was flung against the bulkhead and badly injured. Secura then helped Tano get Skywalker aboard the frigate.

As they tried to dock with the Resolutethe hyperdrive was activated when the ship was struck by laser fire and Secura ordered Admiral Yularen to detach. She then ordered Tano to assist Bly in flying the frigate before it could collide with one of the stars. Secura then ordered the power to be turned off, despite the risk to Skywalker's life. However, during the chaos, she was pushed away from the switch but was able to use the Force to turn the power back on.

The ship then crashed on the planet Maridun. After the crash, Secura then decided to find help and ordered Tano to accompany her, Bly, CameronLuckyand Flash to do so. En route, Secura began sensing Tano's doubt and confusion. Worried about her master, she started questioning the Jedi philosophy concerning attachments. Secura assured her that it was nothing to be ashamed of as she went through the same thing with her own master, but in time she learnt to let go.

Secura and her group then came under attack by Mastiff phalones that killed three of her troopers. She, Ahsoka and Bly then found a village of Lurmen. There, Secura asked the village elder Tee Watt Kaa for aid but he refused to help them.

However, upon hearing of their friends' plight, he allowed his son to go with Ahsoka and Bly to treat them as long as Secura stayed at the village. Secura and Tee Watt Kaa began discussing the Jedi's involvement in the war and how she believed it was their intention not to spark conflict but to restore peace to the galaxy. Secura, Skywalker, Tano, Rex and Bly were then forced to leave the village when Separatist General Lok Durd arrived and searched the village for contraband.

Secura destroyed a scout droid and found Durd's base. There she witnessed Durd's secret weapon, the Defoliator tankand rescued Bly from its effects. Secura and Tano snuck into the base, destroyed the droids and took the shield generators.

Secura and the others made their way back to the village and set up a barrier and shield around its periphery, despite Tee Watt Kaa's objections. She and the others fought against Durd's Squad until Skywalker disabled Durd and his weapon.

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With the Lurmen finally deciding to defend their village, they along with the remainder of the republic forces were able to destroy the rest of the Separatist droid army. Secura then took Durd and the Defoiliator's gunner into custody aboard their shuttle just as the Republic fleet arrived.

Secura was present, along with several other Jedi, during Cad Bane's infiltration of the Jedi Temple. After realizing that their efforts weren't amounting to much, Yoda and Secura leapt off the beast and joined the others as it was assailed with gas bombs, holding the cloud back with the Force to protect themselves. They found a drawing of a tree, so they looked for it, but some giant pods fell down. Secura noticed that other pods had been dragged away by. Secura guessed that whatever or whoever had dragged away the pods were sentient creatures and thought they might be able to help Anakin.

The group followed the tracks and were attacked by a pair of mastiff phalones and only Bly, Tano and Secura came out alive. The next morning, they found a village of Lurmen who had settled on the planet, far away from the war.

The village elder, Tee Watt Kaa refused to aid them, fearing that destruction would break the peace they already had. However, at Tano's request, he did give them medical supplies and had his son, Wag Too help deliver them. But he requested that only one Jedi take the supplies and that Bly should follow.

The Jedi and the clones decided to leave the village, or else the droids would have killed the Lurmen. They left, but decided to steal a Separatist ship to get off of Maridun. They were followed by a spy droid, but they destroyed it before it could send news of their plans to the Separatists. The team climbed a tree and saw a Separatist fort and Durd testing a new weapon that destroyed life forms, but not machines. After the successful test, the Separatist army headed for the Lurmen village.

The Jedi and the clones mounted a raid on the fort that night and stole a ship and two shield generators. They then headed back to the village. They offered their help, which Tee Watt Kaa turned down, but they then barricaded the village anyway. The Separatists reached the village and tried using their new weapon, but the shield generators stopped the effects of it.

They then sent the droids out. Secura and the others obliterated the first wave, but the second group got past them and destroyed the shield generators. Secura and Tano took care of them while Skywalker destroyed the new weapon. After the battle, Wag Too thanked the Jedi for saving the village, and Kaa admitted that the Lurmen owe the Jedi their lives. The Republic squad took several All Terrain Tactical Enforcers and headed for the coordinates of the location provided by Jabba.

Along the way, the walkers were forced to scale a vertical cliff, and when a walker's path became blocked by a bulk of iceBly immediately ordered his men to blast it. Secura, however, ordered to hold, stating that the blast could lead to the collapse of the entire cliff, and proceeded to remove the obstacle in a more delicate way.

Upon arriving at their destination, both the Jedi and the clone troopers witnessed a crash site of a large capital ship and were stunned by the view of huge masses of ice and numerous starship parts floating freely in the air.

Deciding to investigate the unusual phenomena, the clone troopers used their jetpacks to reach what remained of the ship's hangar, while the Jedi followed them by using the Force to navigate through debris. Rendezvousing at the hangar, the group was attacked by a Vulture droi and it became apparent that the crash site attracted Separatist interest as well. Unduli and Secura quickly defeated the droid and ordered the clones to scout ahead and find the ship's data recorder, while they themselves engaged the battle droids and followed by an alternate route.

After reaching the remains of the ship's bridge, Gree began to slice the vessel's data recorder, while the Jedi and the clone troopers protected him from the attacking droids. After successfully neutralizing the battle droids, Gree was able to access the record of the ship's final moments.

It became apparent that an individual had used a Telgorn dropship to board a Munificent -class star frigate carrying two classified weapons, stole one of them, and then departed shortly before the frigate was hit by an explosion. The vessel had then crashed on the planet, where the weapon created a gravity anomaly.

Soon, it was also revealed that the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress had already visited the crash site and set the remains of the frigate to self-destruct. Unduli and Secura ordered the clone troopers to safety and then briefly dueled Ventress. The two Jedi trapped the Dark Jedi under the bulk of ice before leaving the crash site and reporting to the Jedi High Council. Secura teamed with Yoda to leap onto the beast's back, attempting to distract it and allow the occupants of the escape craft enough time to scurry away from the beast's clutches.

They were successful in their attempt, and followed the group to safety, shielding them from the cloud of gas from the toxin-bombs used to kill the Zillo beast. She was betrayed by Duum's operatives, and in the ensuing struggle in the cantinaall her clones were killed.

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She fled, and her Delta-7B was shot down. She broadcast a distress signal on channel DeltaEcho. She was pursued on foot by SabatDuum's chief of security. The Force-sensitive Shon-Ju intervened to rescue her, engaging Sabat and his security droid. Sabat activated his jetpackleaving Shon-Ju to assist a wounded Secura, who passed out from her wounds. Secura later woke up alone in Shon-Ju's castle.

She explored the castle and found Shon-Ju watching over his students. The man told her his story, how he had trained as a Jedi but was rejected. Secura was ready to leave to return to her mission, but Shon-Ju told her to wait, because he wanted Duum shut down as well and agreed to accompany her.

The next morning, they stole two abandoned bombers to infiltrate Attuma Duum's headquarters. Once aboard, Shon-Ju rashly took her lightsaber to trip the alarms. Secura used her Force powers to subude the guards, but Sabat took Shon-Ju hostage and force her to surrender. Once placed in suspension, Duum visited them but was called off to other matters. He had lured two fleetsone of the Republic Navy and the other one from the Confederate Navy.

When Sabat was distracted, Shon-Ju told her he wanted to kill Duum to humiliate the Jedi, who had failed to capture the mercenary. Shon-Ju then used own Force powers to escape his bonds and attack Sabat, throwing the latter into a turbine and killing him. Shon-Ju left Secura in her bonds for the moment, telling her that her destiny was in her hands, but she wouldn't stop him from finishing what he had come for. Shon-Ju then went to confront Duum, who revealed his cyborg body.

As flames from the damaged base spread near her, Secura accessed the Force to escape. She arrived in time to intervene, preventing Shon-Ju from finishing a damaged Duum. Shon-Ju stated attacking her instead, allowing Duum to escape. As the two traded blows, Secura had a flashback to what Yoda had once told her. Shon-Ju picked her up by her lekku, sayihng he would end it for her quickly, but she just laughed in response, saying being a Jedi was accepting one's place.

She then used the Force to grab her lightsaber and cut off Shon-Ju's hands. Shon-Ju said the Jedi kept taking from him, and ran off in tears into the flames.

With the base in its death throes, Secura stole another bomber to return to Coruscant. There she met Grand Master Yoda to discuss the results of her mission. Yoda consoled her, telling her Duum's operaiton was destroyed, and that he sensed a changein her. She replied that she found something inside of her which had been missing. She had doubts though, whether the change was for the better, as Duum could still be alive.

Unbeknownst to her, both Duum and Shon-Ju had indeed survived, the latter accepting a set of prosthetics. When the headquarters of the raiders were pinpointed to the planet DevaronSecura went undercover as Tuulaa Doneetathe spoiled daughter of a Twi'lek shipping baron. The Senator was the one who backed the raiders, hoping to play both sides in the war.

She had hired bounty hunter Aurra Singan ex-Jedi, to make sure nobody learned of her plans. Aayla Secura dueling Aurra Sing on Devaron.

The Twi'lek survived and attacked Aurra. The two fought, and Secura was able to win by hitting the bounty hunter where it hurt: her feelings of abandonment. Aurra reacted by unleashing her rage, but thus became disoriented, and Secura cut off the antenna implant-installed by the hunter's Anzati mentors-that allowed Sing to feed off the fear of her prey. As Sing was enveloped in anger, Secura was at peace, and turned the former Jedi over to local authorities.

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She eventually ended up on the penal colony of Oovo IV. Then, Secura rescued Tholme and Kuro and provided intelligence she had gathered about the raider headquarters to Fisto and Saa and the raiders were dissolved in a battle between them and Republic forces.

Eighteen months after the Battle of Geonosis, Tholme told Secura that Quinlan Vos had not really betrayed the Jedi Order, but was a double agent infiltrating the Separatists to spy on Dooku, although he feared that Vos had fallen to the dark side. She was then sent to the head of a squad of clones and seconded by the Clone Commander Bly on Honoghr to recover the Scientific Instrument Package SIP containing all data on a deadly gas developed by the Separatists, and fell into the hands of Noghri warriors.

She had to battle against the fierce natives when unexpected help came: her former master Quinlan Vos. Aayla was again forced to fight Vos, but was defeated. Bly intervened to save her life; shooting Vos and causing him to flee. Secura, with the battle droid, begin their duty to kill the Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain.

After discovering the base to be empty, and finding remains of countless clone troopers and battle droids Secura went out scouting in the forest on her own, during which she was spied upon by a lone battle droid. When it attempted to shoot her, she severed its appendages with her lightsaber.

While interrogating the droid, Secura was caught unaware by the native Ewok people hiding in a tree and was shot with a tranquilliser dart. As a spirit, the Ewoks said that it was her duty to vanquish the Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain that terrorised them.

Secura, taking the opinionated battle droid along with her, complied to their wishes.

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While climbing the very tall mountain to the Beast's lair, Secura argued with the droid over her sympathy for her clone troopers, and became increasingly annoyed with it as their journey progressed up the huge mountain peak. Upon reaching the cave of the Beast in the Mouth of the Mountain, the Jedi Master tripped on a large pile of bones at the mouth of the cave, alerting the Beast to their presence in it's lair. The huge Beast quickly impaled the unarmed battle droid with its sharp claws, killing it, but this fortunately left the Twi'lek Jedi Master free to use the Force on the collapsing parts of the ceiling of the cave, forcing them down upon the monster, killing it instantly.

Having fulfilled her duty as the Ewok's spirit, Secura then returned back to her Republic gunships at their rendezvous point, where Bly and her clone troopers were patiently waiting for her.

Dismissing her commander's worries about where she had been, the pair, along with their squadron of clone troopers, headed on their next mission.

The Ewoks would remember Secura's brave deeds forever, by immortalising her in a large painting depicting her defeat of the huge Beast, which they would respect for many years to come.

She found Bulq's ship, fought against a Morgukai warrior and stole the logbooks. The logbooks revealed separatist activity on Saleucami. Then, the Council assigned her on a mission to Trigalis. The Republic therefore sent an army to lay siege to Saleucamisupported by many Jedi including Quinlan Vosapparently repentant but still playing a double game.

They fought side by side against Morgukai clones, destroyed the planetary shield that prevented the Republic forces from bombarding the planet, and destroyed the cloning facilities.

Secura then had to face Bok again and killed him, while Vos faced Sora Bulq in a duel, sliding more towards the dark side of the Force. Secura and Tholme went into meditation and snatched Quinlan from the darkness, allowing him to defeat his opponent. Aayla Secura being gunned down by her troops during the execution of Order 66 on Felucia.

Following the siege of Saleucami, Secura and her troops were sent to Felucia to help Jedi Knight Barriss Offee uncover a plot to poison Felucia's water supply. Standing behind her friend and commanding officer, the ever-loyal Commander Bly received word from the Supreme Chancellor ordering him to carry out Order 66which denounced Secura and her fellow Jedi as traitors to the Republic.

Distracted by the bird, the Twi'lek could not even ignite her lightsaber before she was struck by blasterfire from behind; as she crumpled to the ground beneath a large fungal growth, her troops continued to fire at her body repeatedly.

Immediately after the Twi'lek's death, Secura's friend Jedi Master Darrus Jeht felt her demise through the Force and experienced a vision of her being killed by the clone troopers, which greatly upset him. When the Galactic Empire emerged, official records compiled by Sate Pestage stated that Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee were both executed because they were plotting to poison Felucia's water supply, although it was really the Separatists. However, despite the attempts of the Empire, Aayla Secura was remembered by the peoples of the worlds she aided, in some cases merging with pre-existing goddess myths or historical figures.

As late as 40 ABYa professor by the name of Movac Arisster believed that he had seen a vision of Secura telling him to kill a Jedi, though this had in fact been a projection by the Sith Lady Lumiya. By that time, there were still fictitious accounts of her life being written. Although her clothing was practical, Secura was not devoid of ornamentation as this ornate navel jewelry illustrates. In the aftermath of the events on Kiffex, she felt something was missing inside of her.

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Master Yoda consoled her and told her to believe that the Force gave her strength. Events on Cavamina Minor years later forced a change inside of her, and she said she felt something had been found. Secura's attire was practical, albeit somewhat revealing, and allowed her to both move freely and show her Jedi affiliations. She also wore ornate jewelry on her navel. Aayla Secura was trained as a Jedi Guardian[42] leading her to focus more on her combat skills, becoming an impressively skilled fighter.

She mastered the fourth form of lightsaber combatAtaru, and had some skill in Form V, as well as being a practitioner of Jar'Kai. In addition to her combat skills, Secura was very skilled in stealth and infiltration which she learned from Quinlan Vos and Tholme. Secura also had some skill with Force cloakwhich was a hard to learn ability that some masters couldn't complete.

Ahsoka Tano and Aayla Secura nude

She also used Force push and Force pull to great effect. Aayla Secura was also a skilled pilot. In combat she was known to use the nexu stance evasive roll. In early concept art for the character, she was a fish-like creature rather than a Twi'lek.

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