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Oh My Goddess! My Goddess , and its sequels, Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy and Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings. Produced by Oriental Light and Magic and initially aired on WOWOW in an the plot revolved around the adventures of three miniaturized goddesses and their rat companion Gan-chan, all of whom live in a temple home. Each series was licensed to a different American publisher.

Trying to phone a takeout restaurant, Keiichi Morisatoa student at the Nekomi Institute of Technology and member of the Auto Club, accidentally dials the "Goddess Helpline" and summons a goddess named Belldandy. Belldandy offers to grant him a single wish; Keiichi requests that Belldandy stay with him forever.

The wish is approved, activating the "Ultimate Force," which prevents them from being separated. When they are driven out from the men-only dormitory, they search for lodgings for the night, but to no avail. Eventually, following Belldandy's lead, they reach an old temple. The next morning, Belldandy magically restores the temple to its former beauty before Keiichi awakens.

Later that day, Keiichi's sister Megumi Morisato arrives and asks for a place to stay for a few days while she finds a permanent residence.

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The members of the Auto Club show up and a lively party takes place as the day ends. Five months have passed since Keiichi and Belldandy began living together, but their relationship has not progressed.

As summer vacation approaches, Keiichi with prompting from Megumi decides to take Belldandy to the ocean.

Ah sex my goddess

While Belldandy and Megumi are shopping, Keiichi decides to watch a film that has mysteriously arrived in the mail. To Keiichi's surprise, Ur Belldandy's elder sister, steps out of the television. They arrive at the beach and Urd reveals to Keiichi that she has secretly tagged along to help bring the couple together.

However, Keiichi almost drowns after a boating accident and Urd's love potion causes Keiichi to fall in love with Sayoko Mishima by mistake. Urd's presence is revealed when Belldandy recognizes Urd's hand in the events, and a kiss from Belldandy brings Keiichi back to his senses. Urd's trip to Earth has caused problems in heaven. As punishment, she is forced to remain on Earth. She moves in with Keiichi and Belldandy. Skul Belldandy's younger sister, is overworked from hunting bugs in heaven.

A bored Urd continues to get in everyone's way on Earth by accidentally exploding a cake Belldandy is making and an engine Keiichi is repairing. Lonely and overworked, Skuld comes to Earth and tries to convince Belldandy to return with her.

Keiichi is working hard to build a motorbike for an upcoming drag race. With Skuld's help, they complete the bike in spite of the difficulties posed by Toraichi Tamiya and Hikozaemon Otakileaders of the Auto Club. Skuld, still hoping that Belldandy will leave Keiichi to return with her, tampers with the rival club's bike so that Keiichi cannot win.

In the final race, Keiichi wins after taking the flag when the other bike's engine fails. Keiichi has a nightmare about Belldandy. He wakes up to discover the ground inside the temple covered with snow; however, the ground outside is snow-free. Skuld identifies the problem as a bug and creates a bug-catching machine, setting everything back to normal.

She notes that the bugs form when Belldandy and Keiichi are too close. The Almighty notifies Belldandy that she will be recalled in three days. When the couple travels to school, they do so separately, prompting rumors that they have split up. Once Belldandy tries to get closer to Keiichi, explosions cause chaos and Belldandy flees.

Megumi suggests that Keiichi buy a ring for Belldandy, and so he works part-time jobs to earn money to pay for one. Urd and Skuld identify a cherry tree near the temple as the source of the bugs, but on informing Belldandy, Belldandy becomes upset. Keiichi, unable to meet directly with Belldandy, apologizes and continues to work.

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Despite Urd and Skuld's efforts, they cannot find a way to remove the bugs created when Belldandy and Keiichi are too close. They resort to the Ultimate Magic Circle, a forbidden magic, as a solution. Keiichi eventually earns enough to purchase the ring. The sisters complete their research of the Ultimate Magic Circle. Belldandy, crying, removes all traces of herself from the temple and begins to depart through the gate. Keiichi arrives as she is departing and Urd casts her spell, closing the gate.

Keiichi and the goddesses are thrown back in the ensuing explosion and Belldandy enters Keiichi's consciousness to save him. In a flashback, it is revealed that Keiichi and Belldandy met as youths prior to their current meeting, and they made a forbidden promise that forces her to seal all of Keiichi's memories of that meeting. As Keiichi's memories return, the system malfunctions. When he finally wakes up, The Almighty rescinds his order for Belldandy to return and Keiichi gives her the promised ring.

Desu da! My Buddha" Transcription: " Aa! Goes the Urd! Heibon na Daigakusei! Kimi wa Megami-sama? Shinjiru Mono wa Tsuwareru? Hitotsu Yane no Shita de!

Horidashimono ni Megumi Ari? Akuma ga Kitarite Wazawai o Nasu! Transcription: " Aa! Onee-sama wa Dare no Mono? Megumi ni Kokoro Ubawarete! Wazawai Kitarite Chabashira Tatsu? Unmei no Kokuhaku wa Tsuki no Shita de? Sonna Hitomi de Mitsumenaide? Megami o Sukue! Otoko Nara!? Akogare wa Shiroi Tsubasa no Tenshi! Akuma no Sasayaki wa Tsubo to Tomo ni? Itsumo Kimi to Tomo ni?

Urd's Small Love Story? Urudo no Chiisana Koi Monogatari? Being an Adult is Heart-Throbbing?

Doki Doki wa Otona no Aji? I Wish Once More! The Beleaguered Queen of Vengeance! Seiya ni Sasageru Kono Omoi! Sekai o Sachi de Mitashitai? Well-Matched Vibes of Love! Is That Jealousy?! Sorette Shitto!? I Shall Grant Your Wish! Anata no Nozomi Kanaemasuwa! I Want to Be of Use to You! Anata no Yaku ni Tachitakute! I Just Can't Say It! Sono Hitokoto ga Ienakute! Sono Te de Yume o Tsukamaete! A Goddess's Tears and His Dream! Megami no Namida to Kare no Yume! Let Those Feelings Awaken! Sono Kimochi!

My Darling Cupid! I'm Half Goddess, Half Demon?! Megami to Akuma no Watashi? Shimmer Without Fear of the Darkness! Yami o Osorezu Kagayaite?

The Chair of Demonkind Descends! Do Demons Have Any Dignity?! Mazoku no Ishin wa Arimasu ka? The Love of a Goddess Saves the Ninja!

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Megami no Ai wa Shinobi o sukuu! Watashi ga Mazoku demo Ii Desu ka? The Goddess's Confession! Megami no Kokuhaku? Everyone Has a Destiny! The One-Winged Angel Descends! A dark force causes several angels to collapse. Lind attacks it, resulting in an explosion. On Earth, Belldandy, Peorthand Urd have a tea party with their angels. Each goddess is assigned Class, Category, and Restrictions. Class indicates power and skill in performing pure magic.

First Class goddesses are held to a stricter standard regarding the prohibition to lie. Limited and Unlimited restrictions indicates boundaries on permitted actions. Goddesses may be penalized for dereliction of duty and may have their license suspended for a time. A goddess using her powers during suspension will have her license permanently revoked.

Goddesses also wear power limiters, usually in the form of jewelry. The goddesses' purpose is to bring happiness to everyone around them. Toward that end, Heaven has created the Goddess Technical Helpline also called Goddess Relief Agencydesigned to bring happiness to the people of Earth, especially those with great virtue but terrible misfortune.

A competing institution named the Earth Assistance Centeralso is staffed by goddesses. The wish must be approved by the system, after which a contract is created between the human and the goddess and stored on the Yggdrasil system as a file. The wish contract file is protected by a passcode known to the Goddess. Demons have similar class and license restrictions, and are accompanied by familiars instead of angels. A seal exists between the demon world and Earth, named the Gate to the Netherworld.

It was "created by the gods and can only be broken by an instrument of the gods. The demons possess a system similar to Yggdrasilnamed Nidhogg. Both demons and goddesses possess the power to seal beings away. The demons also operate in a fashion similar to goddesses by creating contracts with humans and offering them wishes, but often at a price.

A goddess does not have an angel automatically, but receives one in egg form. When her power matures, the egg hatches into an angel, becoming a lifetime companion. Other creatures that exist in the Earth plane are a multitude of spirits that are responsible for almost every ct of life. These include the spirits of Money, Wind, Engine and such.

More specific entities include Earth spirits, which are guardians over a specific area of land. Morgan le Faya villain from the movie, is probably a high ranking Earth spirit or a being from another dimension, but that is less likely because her tragic love story with a human must have happened on Earth who demonstrates great strength fighting Belldandy and Ur even though her powers are less potent than the ones of goddesses of their level.

Before starting work on Oh My Goddess! Miyuki Kobayakawaone of the principal characters of You're Under Arrest!

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Translating the original Japanese title of Aa! Fred Pattenin writing the preface to the collection "Watching Anime, Reading Manga: 25 Years of Essays and Reviews", stated that fans were still debating whether "Ah!

My Goddess" or "Oh My Goddess! Released in concert with the OVA series in[18] Smith has since stated that he saw the title as a play on "Oh my god! Smith confirmed that his interpretation of the author's intent was correct by consulting with Fujishima. Fujishima stated in Animerica that "Oh" was closer to his intent, but acknowledged that the title should be rendered so as to make sense within the country that it is published, and specifically stated that films may warrant different titles than other works.

The manga was collected in 48 volumes, with the first volume released on August 23,[24] and the final volume released on July 23, They also serialized individual chapters in their defunct manga anthology, Super Manga Blast! The first chapters were redistributed between volumes 1 through 20 so that each volume better followed story arcs; after this reordering, the English release had 19 volumes.

The third re-release of volume 1 was on December 7,[36] and the re-release has reached volume 12, which was released on June 24, The final volume of the manga was also released in Japan as a limited edition box set containing a special edition of volume 48, a mini book of all the Adventures of Mini-Goddess comics that appeared in the first volumes of the manga, a drama CD featuring the anime voice actors, and a selection of high quality prints of past volume covers, and the final volume cover.

The first novel of the series, Oh My Goddess! The story follows the manga, taking place three years after Belldandy and Keiichi first meet. The novel was first published in Japan on July 20, by Kodansha; [41] it was then licensed in English by Dark Horse and released in North America on December 12, The character designer was Hidenori Matsubara. AnimEigo's license expired at the end of February Currently, no plans exist for licensing that special OVA episode.

The OVA was the first new anime production since "Fighting Wings" was produced for the 20th anniversary of the manga series. Kodansha released the first OVA for the anime series, bundled with volume 42 of the manga series on February 23, Kodansha produced a second OVA for the anime series. Volume 43 of the tankouban series includes this OVA for the anime series, and it was bundled with the manga release on September 23, A film, titled Ah!

Megami-samapremiered in Japan in It saw the return of the main cast, along with several popular characters from the manga who had not appeared in any of the previous anime. The plot does not seem to follow any of the existing canon, but uses plot devices from several different story arcs from the manga, mostly the Lord Of Terror arc.

This series departs the most from the original manga storyline, and has almost no continuity with the previous series. The series revolves around the three goddesses and their rat companion Gan-chanfollowing their adventures in their temple home.

The goddesses remain constantly in miniaturized form, for apparent freedom of space and in order to properly interact with Gan-chan.

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My Goddess in A premium complete season box set was released on November 7, ; the regular set followed on November 27, My Goddess has been expired, leaving the series out-of-print, but these episodes are still available on Hulu despite the license expiration. The success of the first season inspired a second season titled Ah! It premiered on TBS on April 6, and concluded on September 14,picking up the story from where the series left off in season one.

InAh! My Goddess: Fighting Wingsa two-episode special to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the original publication of Oh My Goddess! The Japanese voice actors of the series are also professional singers. Either in the form of Goddess Family Club or an original soundtrackthe series has led to over a dozen albums. An adventure game titled Aa! An enhanced port was later released in for the PC-FX which added voice and other improvements. A Dreamcast quiz game titled Quiz: Ah! In February an Ah!

The game was only released in Japan and was released in 2 editions, the limited edition also known as the "Holy Box" edition and the regular DVD edition.

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Currently there have not been any plans for the game to be licensed and translated into English. My Goddess won Kodansha's award for Best General Manga, and the most recent volume, 41, was the tenth best-selling manga in Japan upon its release that week according to the Oricon Japanese Comic Rankings charts.

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For other uses, see Oh My Goddess disambiguation. Dark Horse Comics. Madman Entertainment. AnimEigo former. MVM Films. Geneon Entertainment former. Media Blasters. Manga Entertainment. See also: List of Oh My Goddess! Main article: Ah! My Goddess: The Movie.

See also: List of Ah! My Goddess episodes season 1 and List of Ah! My Goddess episodes season 2. Main article: List of Oh My Goddess! Retrieved May 27, Anime News Network. Retrieved August 4, Manga Gets Job-Hunting Spinoff". Retrieved April 19, Urd's Small Love Story?.

My Goddess. TBS, Tokyo, Japan.

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