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Agree, year old had sex opinion

Teacher Accused of Having Sex With 14-Year-Old Student

Disgraced teacher Jessica Langford, 33, had intercourse and oral sex with a year-old boy before lessons started on the last day of school in Ohio. The sleazy half-hour session ended when the principal knocked on the locked door and Langford told the boy to hide under a desk, he told a court. I should have never abused my power as a teacher and never developed a friendship with a student. But it seemed like she was more sorry for herself. The bombshell report emerged as she waited sentencing and was not introduced as evidence at her trial, reported Dayton Daily News, who obtained it through a freedom of information request. She was also accused of having daily closed-door lunches with two other boys and flirting with students.

Given her reaction in this story, this could have been pretty much the case, because she doesn't seem traumatized, just very very worried.

Still, I repeat, we never know, it could have been something utterly disgusting and criminal indeed. Probably her father, mom's boyfriend, a teacher, or some other adult who took advantage of her or full out raped her.

This comment is hidden. Click here to view. I work over internet! My old work was making me miserable, so I was forced to try something different, two years after I can say my life is changed-completely for the better!

Check it out what i do It was my ob-gyn course, and on a very slow day the nurses and we students were sitting in the nurses' station and they were telling us stories part of training not in the books.

The station was surrounded by a mid-chest high wall. A woman came in and looked at us over the wall, saying, "I think we're having a baby here.

excellent answer, gallantly

The woman was tall and extraordinarily thin. We were a bit puzzled. She had a young girl with her. It was her yr old daughter who was in labor. We hadn't even seen her because she was shorter than the wall. It was so shocking to me. I don't know whether she kept the baby or not. That poor little girl!!! Did she know she was pregnant? There are serious health risks to having a child that young-I hope she's okay.

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I logged into bored Panda just to say that. How did this 12yo get pregnant? What is going on at home?

brilliant idea Where

What kind of parents does she have? More livid than the 20 something year old who's spelling and grammar are worse than when he was 12? Yup, its disgusting and the fact that snowflakes are downvoting these opinions goes to show how far we've gone downhill in society and the same downvoters would be slamming him if he was white with a southern drawl.

Hypocrisy folks. And unless she was raped, she ain't innocent. Or she isn't and it is a manipulation. That part about the reality of pregnancy is not convincing. He says he's from the West Indies. He's writing colloquially like folks from Barbados or Jamaica talk. I teach high school and don't worry, African American kids don't write papers like this. Social media is a whole different genre than formal writing.

When he was 12, he spoke with a British accent he said -he's not using that now.

Jan 15,   Texas teacher who had sex almost daily with year-old student gets 10 years in prison. By. Prosecutors say Vera and the teen had sex almost every day . This Year-Old's Girlfriend Told Him That He Made Her Pregnant, And He Had The Best Response Ever. M views. they never had sex before. And though the life lessons presented to Kiran might seem pretty harsh to even an adult person, he manned up and took it all up in a stride. Of a year-old. From a very public birds and bees. Aug 05,   I am a year-old man. I am heterosexual, but I have never had sexual contact with another person.I have never felt like a real human being. Emotionally everything is Author: Pamela Stephenson Connolly.

Wow that was sad that you had to explain that I mean legit spell it out unfortunately ignorance is a grotesque issue that Has been gradually growing showing no signs of stopping or of its pace slowing.

Uh no hes talking like most Black Folks talk in the hood In a castle This boy was educated by Democrats We are still explaining ebonics and internet slang? Just how far are the sticks up your asses?

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That's retarded. Sounds a lot harder and more complicated to write two different ways then to just stick to the right way that doesn't make u sound stupid AF. This wouldn't be half as funny to read if it was written in formal english, am I right or not wrong?

Teacher Accused of Having Sex With 14-Year-Old Student

I never said I couldn't understand it. I cn typ ths sntnce wthot usng mst of the vowls and you cn undrstnd it bt tht dosnt mn I shld.

I'm from Barbados and they do talk like that. Even if he has the British accent, he's still gonna have a West Indies side in him.

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We write proper English but that is just OUR dialect when talking. Meh, people use slang all the time but that doesn't mean that they can't speak formal english.

Jun 02,   Married female teacher, 33, had sex with 'stud' pupil, 14, in classroom on last day of school had intercourse and oral sex with a year-old boy before lessons started on the last day of Author: Mydrim Jones. A former Arizona teacher who was accused of having sex with a year-old student while another student kept lookout pleaded guilty on Monday. Brittany Zamora, 28, was arrested in March after Author: Nicole Darrah. Jan 06,   I Had Sex For The First Time When I Was 8 Years Old. In my community, I had sex when I was 8 years old with a boy who was also 8 years old. Author: Stellabelle.

I'm an Arab immigrant and my speech patterns and vocabulary can be all over the place, but that doesn't mean that I can't write a damned good essay when I want to.

Language evolves over time. It isn't. It's African American Vernacular English, which has been widely accepted as one of the largest non-standard dialects of American English though whether it is a dialect or a creole is a debate for another thread. I tend to fall on the creole side of the debate. Lol, African American vernacular english Or a poor attempt at sounding ghetto thug anyway.

Year old had sex

Thank you too, Heather. You and Dawn kept my faith in the human ability to interpret texts. He knew that sex is something that adults do. The principal and the teacher are adults.

Sep 15,   Dear Willie D: I caught my year-old daughter having sex in her room with a minor boy a few years older than her. I won't go into details because I don't want anyone matching stories and.

All the boy needed was to have heard someone saying "those two are sleeping together". No need to understand what it is and what it does to be able to remember gossip :. He didn't know that you had to have sex to get someone pregnant. He mentioned that he knew that sex as something that was for adults. So it seems that he knew what it was but didn't know that you could get pregnant from it.

I mean, he might've put it together after he got educated by his mother. Who knows?

Apr 21,   So I have a 9 year old sister named Delaney. Earlier today, she asked if her friend Joey, the neighbor boy, could come over. I said yes, because our mom was at work, and delaney and Joey play together all the time. I went upstairs to check on them, and I found them lying on her bed, with Joey on top, having sex. I immediately scolded them and brought Joey home and told his mom what . The shocking true story of a 5-year-old girl who gave birth By The Sun. the doctor discovered that despite being 5 years old, she had mature sexual organs and suffered from a condition called. Sep 27,   A year-old had sex with an year-old. Under French law, it's not necessarily rape. That's how a year-old man lured an year-old child back to his apartment when the pair met in.

Maybe he didn't even mean it seriously. Believe me, students know what is going on in their schools.

This Year-Old's Girlfriend Told Him That He Made Her Pregnant, And He Had The Best Response Ever

I'm 45 and I still remember catching teachers together in middle school. In high school, I was used to run interference between my mixed media teacher teacher and the head football coach for at least 3 years.

So when the coach's wife confronted the teacher at a football game, the staff made a beeline at me for tea. One grading period, I was just not feeling the assignments and did things on my own terms. She gave me a C and I had to quickly remind her who developed pictures for the school and they were careless once and left a whole role of one of their weekends together.

I was no fool so you know I had duplicates in my possession. Next grading period, that C had been "corrected to an A and I had no problems with her after that. I mean, at my high school, pretty much every student in the school knew that the World Civ teacher was screwing the biology teacher, and that the 9th grade history teacher was a hippie who probably smoked a whole lot of weed.

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And no, I am completely serious and not a troll if you were wondering Did you talk to your sister about what happened? That boy may have been sexually abused himself and was acting it out on your sister sometimes kids do that, to make sense of the abuseor he has other issues that he's working through and is acting out. Regardless, get your sister to a therapist, remind her hat what happened was not her fault she's 9, she can't consent!

Tell your mom, but mention the possible sexual abuse. Your mom needs to have an honest chat with your sister and see what's been going on between her and Joey, not yell at her or blame her.

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Oh my God. I don't think this is sexual abuse or anything. Kids replicate what they see on TV or elsewhere. Do your research and you will find that thousands of kids have started looking at porn. I started when I was 11 and I'm still fighting it.

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I am currently I have many times caught kids who are somehow trying or having sex. They understand what they are doing but they might not know the consequences or how to do sex properly but they KNOW that sex is enjoyable. Again I swear to God that I have caught my own sister, she is around 18 now but she was around years old back then. I found her nacked with her male friend on my mother's bed. However, you should still tell your mother. Definitely tell your mom and you probably shouldn't talk to your sister about it, let your parents handle that.

Are you sure they were actually having sexual intercourse? I didn't even know 9 year olds could do that And i mean I am assuming that if they were having sex he didnt actually ejactulate so I do not think that she could get pregnant, but still, 9 year olds should not be doing that, my cousin is 10 and I can't even imagine what I would do if I saw that.

You are either trolling or lied. Make up your mind. Good old days when I use to hangout with my friend which I was 10 and he was 9 he wanted to put his penis in me to experience the feeling and I did and he just didn't want to get off me as he was enjoying it so I said continue and have fun and he even thanied me and said we need to have sex more often he said and even until this day and im 25 we are still together :.

Just wait until your mom gets home and tell her what happened, so she can talk to your sister.

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Yes you should tell your mom as soon as possible.

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