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Episode: My First Everything - EP1 Premium Date With Rey

I'm Lucy Heartfilia and I'm a Futanari. I layman's terms I'm a girl with a penis and balls. I keep it a secret from the others in Fairy Tail; I don't want to freak them out. It gets kinda difficult with them always sneaking into my house but I manage. I swing both ways so it's difficult to keep little Lucy in check when I'm at the guild and the girls are around in their skimpy clothes or stay dry when Gray shows up naked, he's small compared to me BTW. When I get hard I can get about 10 inches. I had managed to keep it a secret from everyone till Fantasia when someone found out.

Finding Goddess Ch. Full Body Replacement Ch. Full Body Replacement A nudist is turned into a sexy fembot. House Guest Odette returns with a friend. More lactation ensues. Always the Bridesmaid Bridesmaids aren't barred from happy endings. Futanari Notebook Ch. Sunday Morning Two lesbians make love on a lazy Sunday morning. Improper Punishment Rose changes her boyfriend into a woman to punish him. Hard as an Ouija Board Four girls manage to contact a horny spirit. Amy's Library The young librarian watches a couple from behind a shelf.

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This was my first Lemon, I hope you enjoyed it. This story will include almost all the girls in the guild I don't know what to do about Wendy.

Maybe some domination? Story Story Writer Forum Community. Adorable Fairy Tail mage Lucy has a secret, she is a futanari. Follow her as she struggles to keep her desires in check. Contains Lemons with some slice of life thrown in here and there. Italics indicate thinking. This is a Futa story. It starts right before the Oracion Seis arc. Also my first attempt at lemons sohope it's okay. She's had a few to many.

Let's go have fun at your place! Keep it together Lucy. I dropped Cana onto the bed and sat in my desk chair. I forget their so big sometimes. I swallowed hard to try and keep my composure "Calm down Cana. Erzashe's so stern yet sexy. Miraso sweet and mature. JuviaI liked her more with curls but that new outfit is great. Levywrapped up in that tight little package, what an ass.

Biscashe's a real sleeper amongst the other girls. Even that bitch EvergreenThose glasses. I felt the surge coming. The orgasm rocked my body and I had to hold the wall to regain my composure. I just hope Cana's asleep; the towel barely covers my dick. I picked up my pace to get to the closet when Cana spoke up.

No stop. I looked and saw I was hard again. Didn't I just take care of you? She squeezed my left breast "Damn these things a huge. How big are they? Cana kneeled in front of the bed and wrapped her hand around my dick "Have you always had this?

This feels amazing! All those Novels Erza lent me sure are good tutorials. That was when I felt the rush coming "Cana I'm gonna! I licked some of it off. It tastegood. Cana turned around and showed me her face. Some cum had gotten in her hair and on her face.

I licked my lips and Cana spoke. I looked down and saw I was. Cana slipped out of her panties and straddled my naked hips. We already came this far" Cana started lowering herself onto my rod slowly. She moaned as I slowly impaled her. Cana started bouncing up and down on my dick. Our hips made clapping noises as they collided. Cana this is great. You're filling up every inch on my virgin pussy!

I want more of you girl cock! It's safe! A few seconds later I finally pulled out. Cum leaked out after my penis left Cana' warmth. Lucy will be the only Futa in this story. It will mostly be lemons with slice of life thrown in here and there. Till next time. Chapter 1: The First Girl-Cana 2. Chapter 2: The Long Night-Erza 3. Chapter 3: Model Woman-Mirajane 4. Chapter 4: Best Friends-Levy 5. Chapter 5: In the Arms of an-Angel 6.

Chapter 6: Blend Me-Sherry 7. Chapter 9: Natasha Chapter Look a Like- Lucy Ashley Chapter Erza Vs Erza- Knightwalker Chapter Broken Down-Evergreen Chapter Sister Sister-Lisanna Chapter Cowgirl-Bisca Chapter Tidal Rush-Aquarius Side Story 1- Aries and Angel Chapter Not Forgotten-Cana Chapter Time Keeps on Ticking-Ultear SS2: Juvia's Big Week Chapter Memento-Michelle Chapter Strong Breeze-Wendy SS3: Natasha's Rough Day Chapter Good to see you again-Angel Chapter Puppet-Mary Hughes SS4: Ten Little Indians Chapter Training Day-Multiple SS5- Erza's Punishment Game Chapter Vs Flare- Mavis Chapter Star Crossed-Yukino SS6: Futanari Meredy It was just sleep.

Until it wasn't. Complete smut.

you advise

O' Christmas Tree by Crackinois reviews Maura is eager to take part in a Christmas tradition like never before. But, can Jane make it up to her when she doesn't recognize how important it is to her friend. Rating changed to M for final chapter. Rizzoli - Complete. Hope by DrKCooper reviews How has Maura really coped in the aftermath of meeting her biological mother and then having her walk away?

Maura sees Hope and then shows up at Jane's apartment distraught.

Yuri-hime is a - author that has written 86 stories for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Sailor Moon, Mai HiME, Final Fantasy XIII, K-ON!/????!, Fairy Tail, Twilight, Candy Boy, Wheel of Time, Legend of Korra, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Sam & Cat, Resident Evil series, Rizzoli & Isles, Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Mass Effect, Steven Universe, RWBY, and Sound! Carol learns about the Zenrist religion very intimately. Carol embarks on her first public nude experience in years. A nudist finds out she could live a permanently naked life. Elektra shows her girlfriend what her mechanized body can do. and other exciting erotic at! This story will include almost all the girls in the guild (I don't know what to do about Wendy.) and some of the guy (I have an idea about gender bending them) Future chapters may include but are not limited to- Pregnancy, Gender Bender, and Breast/Butt Growth. Maybe some domination? Lucy will be the only Futa in this story.

Jane gives her the comfort only Jane can. First Snow by scaf reviews "I've been patient enough," Angela spoke aloud into the quiet of the room. The matriarch downed the last of her wine and headed toward the kitchen to tidy up. Jane and Maura would get their Christmas wish, whether they asked for it or not. And I Thought of You by dontmissthis reviews A more realistic approach to 2x10 in the prison infirmary with Hoyt.

Deviates from the show in that there is no pony party, but whispered confessions in the comfort of each other instead. Impasse by socks-lost reviews Jane risked her life, again.

Jane doesn't see why it's such a big deal. They argue. Maura let out a confession she thinks she shouldn't have. Story picks up from there. A Thousand Years by reiko of mars reviews Rei and Minako see a movie together.

Fashion Advice by reagancrew reviews Just a short little AU oneshot. Maura forces her girlfriend out on a Saturday shopping excursion. Things get a little heated in the dressing room. ME: Consequence by jt-boi reviews Shepard fights Saren, her past, her memories Some action.

Mostly angst. Peterson reviews While she can certainly take an age to decide if she wants something, once she has, she has a tendency to jump in headfirst from the highest possible point into the deepest available end of the pool. ME 3: when night comes on the Normandy by Servala reviews How do you sleep, when the survival of all depended on you? Shepard knew the answer. Best Birthday Ever by reagancrew reviews Some happy Rizzles to set everyone smiling.

Maura's got a surprise birthday present for Jane. Parallel Lives by Bebus reviews Faith Shepard and Liara T'Soni are pursuing separate missions at opposite ends of the Galaxy, but are their new lives as different as they imagine? A series of moments from ME2 and mirror stories from Liara's life as an information broker.

On-going, interconnected ficlets spanning Myka and Helena's relationship from beginning to present. Gib Mir Noch Zeit by J. Peterson reviews If she couldn't stop this vicious dance by pushing Shizuru away completely, then she really only had one other option. M-rated as of chapter 4. Cold by skyeward reviews Cross-posted from Korrasami, prompt: "Asami has a bad cold, and misses uhm One of Korra's pro bending matches.

One of the best ships in LoK, no? Smiling by skyeward reviews Cross-posted from Korra isn't a very good girlfriend most of the time, but the times when she is are breathtaking. Korrasami, prompt was 'how Korra makes Asami smile,' but I got a little off-track. If she messes up with this therapist, she's toast. Cat has a nasty habit of making her therapists retire.

Will the two discover a way to solve their problems, and something more? The Space Between by milk reviews Deals with what happened between the rescue at the reservoir and Maura's coming home. Episode 3x2. Some events get changed from canon, others get invented. It's a love story in the backdrop of war. How far is Shepard willing to go to get her girl?

Main pairing is FemShep and Liara. MioxYui etc. Of Arias and High Sticking by Crackinois reviews Feeling like their friendship isn't as strong as it once was, Maura realizes she not only wants to close that distance but she wants even more. She devises a plan she thinks will bring her and Jane even closer together. Slightly Dark. Post 3x10 2-shot. At a Distance by dsfeo78 reviews Maura seems to be avoiding Jane and her family but no one can figure out why.

Can Jane step in and help a friend in need? Late Night Conversations by winegirl reviews Set after Ian left. My version of what happened beyond what we've seen, the unmistakeable attraction that each tries to hide. CH6 is probabaly M rated but I'm too lazy to change. We are almost to the Hoyt beatdown. Stay with me peeps!

A Minute by Lanatris reviews A Korrasami rewrite of "Endgame", where everything doesn't go perfectly. Darkside by ArcadiaArden reviews What happens if you feel like those closest to you don't know you and you're not sure you know yourself anymore?

remarkable, rather

Drabbles from a Twisted Mind by Crackinois reviews An in-progress file for some shorter ficlets. Chemistry by gochateau reviews A collection of stolen moments between Asami and Korra.

Now the Reapers are gone, it's Shepard's turn step up to the plate. Awful summary. Worse title. More inside. Same universe as my other story. Part of the Scarlet Sapphire series.

Find the hottest yuri stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about yuri on Wattpad. Tanjirou Gets the Sex Education Not Taught in the Corps! Summary (NOTE: This story takes place in the KNY universe and follows Canon but diverts from the Manga after Chapter !) For one thousand years, Muzan's goals have remained straightforward, and even now, his intentions with respect to Tanjirou are simple: "I don't merely want to kill him.

Rated T for safety. Tower, Tower by Bainaku reviews When a mysterious assassin threatens to kill off all the royalty in Ooo, Princess Bubblegum calls upon the services of a legendary knight to protect her kingdom. Crescendo by gochateau reviews Looking back, Korra thinks that falling in love with Asami was always kind of inevitable.

Origin of Love by PiecesOfAFangirl reviews Wacky little drabble that hit me one night and well, it was too odd not to mix these ideas together. A chance visit to the morgue late one night leads to an impromptu serenade that changes Jane and Maura's relationship forever.

Fluffiness ensues. Swimming Pool by Fempire reviews On a quiet and clear night, Shepard and Liara decide to take a dip in the pool. Time seems to slow as Shepard muses about past and present. Written from Shepard's perspective. Some integration of canon events, but mostly this is the story of Faberry and their world!

Puppy Love by Museless Fool reviews Rei has an accidental encounter with a strange woman. Patching Holes by Dianaprince89 reviews Maura realizes that patching holes is merely a matter of finding the right woman for the job. Possession and Love? Dyson has his love back and Bo is obsessed with a certain blond doctor. Feeling pulled in two directions, Bo is torn until she discovers Lauren has a secret admirer.

Decisions by UnknownQuantity reviews A short story set following Virmire. Humor and fluff. Everywhere But Your Lips by demondreaming reviews Cat's kissed you everywhere.

Everywhere but your lips.

Yuri sex stories

What I think should have happened. Some good old fluff. ME3 Spoilers! Do you believe in love at first sight? Cara thought it was silly - Why would she believe in such thing when she didn't even believe in love? Awakening by sisirongana reviews Once upon a time, there was a ton of pointy swords and shiny armor. But Shepard's not a knight and Liara's no damsel. She's certainly in a lot of distress, though. My Life Before Me Undone by poetzproblem reviews She looks so peaceful, enjoying the late spring weather, and Rachel realizes that she could happily spend the rest of her life just walking next to Quinn Fabray.

Fourth in the Don't Blink series. What Miranda Wants by Rae D. Magdon reviews Miranda always gets what she wants And Bella just simply cant trust herself to be alone with Alice and yet, there she is.

In Alice's room. Display by Rae D. Here you go, Anon. Now, someone ELSE go fill prompts on the thread for a change, you slackers! I'm all out of fic again.

Spoilers for Mass Effect 3. Garson] Ashley W. Hagalaz Can Wait by Rae D. Magdon reviews An explicit extension of the cinematic after Lair of the Shadow Broker - Liara gives Shepard something to come back to. Rachel is surprised by how sweet Quinn is. There's also some making out in delicious detail. Fluffy getting together fic, rated somewhere between T and M. Ilos Can Wait by Rae D. Beware of mush. How wrong could she have been, there was nothing easy about being in love, especially when life seemed to be setting up road blocks at every turn.

Steady Your Hand by poetzproblem reviews "I forgot how much I used to hate seeing you with him. Untitled ShizNat 3 by yoshikan-hime reviews ShizNat fluff The reason there's no title is because I don't know. Maybe it will in the future but not now. Warning: it is pretty short It's not a happy reunion that leads to Alice swearing to fix her past mistakes, but she's not alone. Post RE: Afterlife. Sweetheart, your body is a text I need the art to be constructed by. Future fic. Rachel Berry is a successful Broadway star with a new roommate, the very odd, naive Quinn Fabray.

Manga ( Yuri ) Girls Bitter Ambitious EP 1 / 1 END

It starts with a note on the fridge and a childishly scrawled doodle of an elephant. Everybody has a little crazy in them. Rain Bears by demondreaming reviews Cat likes to go for walks in the rain. Jade likes to smoke when it rains. Cade, fluff. Imperfections by AidenSky reviews Miranda Lawson is a cold, hard, calculating woman. Nothing more. Commander Shepard isn't so sure.

Garson, Miranda L. In the Lab by Midground reviews Bubblegum and Marceline enjoy some quiet time together in Bubblegum's lab. Set long before Finn and Jake began adventuring in the land of Ooo. Yes by AdmHawthorne reviews Jane's thoughts as she waits for Maura to wake up. One Shot. The Elixir of Truth by fembuck reviews With Zedd and Richard occupied, Cara and Kahlan find themselves alone for the evening and after spending a few candlemarks in the tavern, things take an unexpected turn.

Battoos by weirdprince reviews "The royal bubble here wants to get a tattoo. Piano Lessons by weirdprince reviews "This is better than music. Apples After Midnight by Xekstrin reviews Marceline tries to patch things up with Bubblegum; it doesn't go down exactly as planned. Through the Dark by fembuck reviews Helena's gone and the Warehouse is destroyed, but even in that darkest of hours, all is not lost.

The Slumbering Malandro by stroodlex reviews With the reawakening of Fang and Vanille and the mystery surrounding their reappearance, a looming threat is not what it appears to be.

T for possible language. Sunday by roughian reviews Sunday dinner at Ma's new house usually has a few constants: family, food, and football.

were visited with

And Jane finally acting on those coulda, shoulda, woulda moments. Connection by Bainaku reviews "Marceline's mouth opens, maybe to retort, maybe to laugh, maybe to tease, and the princess thinks oh, what a wonderful opportunity for field research! Bubblegum - Complete. Maura faces her worst fear when she loses her best friend but things aren't always what they seem, especially when it involves the mob. Jane and Maura find comfort with each other. Isles, Angela R.

Set post ep. Consider this your spoiler warning. Please note the rating, for Mature audiences only. Hide And Seek by demondreaming reviews "Ready or not, here I come.

can not participate

Cade, sort of fluff. Stretched Thin by mako-lies reviews Lightning gets herself into a situation; Fang is more than willing to help her out of it. What happens when Jane comes to take care of Maura? Fun things, of course! Totum Fragmenta by OerbaFarron reviews Five one-shots wrapped in one based off of five songs. Consider this simply FLight smuff with some inspiration. A Lakota Shepard fic. Variation on Our Theme by J. Peterson reviews ShizNat.

T for mild language. A proposal as to what happened between Natsuki canceling her spring break plans and Mai almost kissing Tate in episode It's just like watching the show, if Faberry were the central couple and everything revolved around them! And From the Darkness by fembuck reviews While on-board the Arcadia sailing north, Claire's memory returns to her. Normality by sakuraii reviews Their fingers intertwined perfectly, and as they directed their gaze back to the skyline and the setting sun, the silence was golden Their friendship had been quite unusual from the start.

Alice Shepard struggles to reconcile her role as Commander with her feelings about her crew. Eidolon by Emmy the Writer reviews Dr. Natsuki Kruger is in a dangerous position: a human in the Otherworld, where dangerous creatures roam in the darkness. While elves are being murdered and conspiracies are thick in the air, the enigmatic siren Shizuru Viola plays her games. You ever wonder how the rest of the cast feels about it?

Parody of D12's "My Band", rated for language and suggestive themes. Swordplay by RadiantBeam reviews Himeko felt very confused. The fact that Chikane had a sword and was trying to kill her didn't help. Some chaps should probably be M. Words and Actions by aolurker reviews Maura wants something. Jane hesitates at first, but eventually delivers the goodsand then some. The Point Of No Return by LostWyrda reviews You squeeze the red eyed woman's thigh and get up on wobbly legs, somehow managing to walk until you stand in front of her, the one person you wanted to see more than anything in the world, and at the same time, wished you'd never have to face again.

Tough Call by Haraio reviews The twins Kanade and Yukino have finally moved together in their new apartment and accepted their feelings for each other. However, they have yet another obstacle they need to cross Kana x Yuki, Yuri, Twincest. Don't like, don't read! The red-velvet haired girl's dealings with break ups and heartache. Liara helps Shepard finally realize that she can share her burdens. Season 3. Future Proof by 6Dylan9 reviews Set in both season 7 and season 4.

The slayers find themselves unable to avoid how they feel despite the world's safety resting in their hands. Prompt 4: Love. Love is when Cat embarrasses you in English class and you can't help but like her even more because of it.

Hidden Underneath by trusuprise reviews "You belong to me, my pet. Things progress from there. FLight, lemon, smut, all things wonderful. M for a reason. A tad bit of humor. Underneath It All by fembuck reviews AU. After Genosha Scott takes off and Jean finds herself growing closer to the Institute's newest addition, Emma Frost, than she ever could have imagined.

has analogue? not

Bunking Together by Jen-chan-shaw reviews Lightning bunks with Fang for the night. This is an extended cabin scene from LotSB. Curious Quiver by Bainaku reviews Minako has a terrible day. Rei, ever the vigilant rescuer, ensures her friend a much better night.

Sequel to Bookshelf. Acquiesce by ToryV reviews Alice is torn between wanting to keep the convoy safe and what her heart wants. Set during Extinction. Morning Snack by Major27 reviews Natsuki and Shizuru face the consequences of their nighttime activities. Sequel to Nighttime Interlude. Trip by metacog reviews Fang has to change her approach to win the soldier's heart.

Slight AU: Pulse is populated with its native people. Serah is rescued before the return to Eden. Be Alright by roxystyle reviews A sob session in the 2nd floor bathroom leaves Rachel wanting to tend to Quinn's insecurities against the blonde's wishes; and neither of them realizes that suddenly Quinn has become Rachel's knight in invisible armor.

Potential spoilers. Rated for all sorts of situations. Also based on the Japanese version of the game. Giving In by centauri reviews Shiznat, lemon, mature themes Intended to be a series of smutfics. Some chapters may have semblance of plot. Set soon after The Carnival. Contains scenes of a sexual nature Sam has a very vivid dream when she stays at Carly's house. At least, that's Carly's guess. Cam pairing, don't read if you don't like girl kissies. Mwah mwah. Early by Bainaku reviews Haruka and Michiru learn to live, love, and fight together.

Set before their meeting with the Inner Senshi, this story shamelessly indicates a pairing between the protagonists. Please critique and comment! Old Nightmares and New Memories by Gemna reviews Minako awakens from a recurring dream in need of some comfort from Rei.

ddlc natsuki monika sayori dokidokiliteratureclub yuri dokidoki natsuri doki justmonika yurixnatsuki natsukixyuri literatura mc club sayonika undertale - xreader sayorixmonika K Stories . Similar searches anime lesbian anime school days 6 anime yaoi anime hentai yuri anime futanari hentai anime tutu anime loli anime hermaphrodite yuri anime yuri futa yuri hentai hentai yuri anime yuri hentai anime yuri lesbian yuri anime anime bathroom hentai lesbians anime guru anime futa hentai toys anime yurt lesbian mmd sex anime hentai. Similar searches jav hihi rei furuse runa ayase mika nakagawa nurse japanese natsumi sato yuri yuri sato monique woods yua ariga asian playgirl rei mizuna jun mamiya rough japanese teen forced japanese daughter yuri honma jav idol megumi shino maki horiguchi yuriko torii latina anal forcesld daughter of darkness tsuna kimura mina koizumi yurina.

Another SOS fic, the prompt for which was "What's wrong with butterflies? Kahlan is pushed into the Con'Dar and Cara is there for her. Carly's kissed Freddie. It's almost like they've kissed.

It's something for them to think about. Cam pairing, femmeslash. Sounds like it involves Freddie, but it really doesn't. Nouveau Monde by youte reviews Post final act.

are not right

What if something went wrong when Usagi saved the world? What if Minako didn't remember the senshi, being Venus, her death? What if she wasn't an idol anymore, on top of that? What would the others do? All I Need by risokura reviews No matter what happens, we're in this together.

The world needs more Moxxi love. Cara and Kahlan finally get to spend some time along together at a quaint village Inn. Peaches and Provocation by Cy Fur reviews Tifa eats a peach. Aerith takes notice. Love Among the Ruins by fembuck reviews A look at how things might have gone if Kahlan had tried to confess Cara while in the grip of the Con Dar in "Tears".

Women of Summer by Omnicat reviews Relena and Dorothy have an early-morning picnic in the garden. Inspired by the preview for 2x Sentimental Fools by fembuck reviews A short interlude with Cara and Kahlan before they meet up with Zedd and Richard to continue their hunt for the Stone of Tears. Storm of Passion by Gemna reviews After being caught in a thunderstorm, Rei and Minako head to the idol's apartment to get out of their wet clothes.

Rei's possessive side flares up and she develops a way to squash Minako's tendencies.

Warning: Fluff. Is everything really over? Apparently Searrs is not done with the HiME yet. ShizNat centric. Post Chosen. Resistance is Futile by angel prototype reviews One-shot. Rei is being stubborn. Mina refuses to give up. Light angst with a happy ending, promise. It is the story of how Hoshi and T'Pol reconnect after five years apart.

agree, the

And how that reconection leads to a relationship they never expected. Set after the finale "These Are The Voyages Sato - Complete. Hiding by cheekymonkey06 reviews Beverly Crusher is plagued by dreams of a certain dark eyed Counselor. How will she cope? Crusher, D. Troi - Complete. Sequel to "Golden Slumber".

Promise Me by angel prototype reviews One-shot. A battle leaves Minako wounded and Rei alone with a choice to make. Her duty or her love? T for some language. Lord Obsidian has released an army planning to conquer the land. Can the wolf goddess whom is said to watch over Hime protect it? Will Shizuru escape the enemies? Secret Handshake by Yorusoi reviews Kukakuu and Yoruichi have a secret handshake. However, Soi shares one as well with the Shihouin and thinks hers is better.

Acute Fear by Aldsvider reviews Contains Shoujo ai. It's not lizards, not snakes, not even cockroaches. Minako is determined to find out what scares Rei most.

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