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Sex and arousal have five major parts, the physical, the verbal, the visual, the emotional, and the spiritual. All five make sex a blissful experience. Some people like using all five and others are more excited by just one or two. Horoscopes can help you discover how you can bring your sexual experiences to a new level in your life. Your sun sign is only one part of what makes you sexy and how sexy you can be in bed. Some people love white hot sex and others much prefer a more sensual, milder experience.

If you wonder about your partner, you can find out their signs and learn what please them. There is never anything written in stone when it comes to sex, but you can become an expert on all facets of lovemaking through the horoscope energies. This way you can use all the energies if you want to keep sex exciting. It is perfectly fine to be satisfied with your own unique way of lovemaking.

Feb 14,   Taurus. This is the most masculine of signs, which fuels its enormous sex drive. Which zodiac sign is the best lover? It might just be this one. Oct 13,   Pisces are the very last sign of the zodiac, and thus have absorbed all of the wisdom, knowledge, pain, and joy of the former eleven signs. With this Author: Aliza Kelly Faragher. Feb 07,   Follow the (Zodiac) Signs to Great Sex. Sex; Sexual Compatibility by Zodiac Sign Follow the (Zodiac) Signs to Great Sex. February 7, by Home Country: New York, NY.

There is never a wrong to have sex and show the greatest expression of love to your partner. Horoscope energy applies to both your long time lover or if you are just having a casual encounter. However it is sometimes better to have a sexual partner to fit in to what kind of relationship you are looking for. You do not want to have a casual encounter with someone who is looking for a long term committed relationship.

You never want to hurt someone in your quest for sexual pleasure. Sharing your body with anyone and anyone sharing their body with you should never be taken lightly. Sex is best if both partners are psychologically intone with what the other person wants and needs.


You can get into role playing when you and your partner are both in understanding what is going on. Submissive behavior and dominance plays a role in sex. It is important that all parties are willing and ready in any sexual encounter.

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Your sun sign is how you shine. Your Venus sign is what your affinity is too, and your mars sign is how you get what you want.

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When you know what horoscope one of these planets and stars are in according to your birth chart, it better explains your sex life. For example, you can have an Aries sun sign, which makes you, shine in conquering, small battles, control, and dominance, then part of your sexual satisfaction will happen as a result of these behaviors.

In contrast if your Venus sign is in Taurus, you will have affinity to peace, beauty, and luxurious things.

Jun 26,   If you are wondering which zodiac sign are best in bed, you can never go wrong with a Leo. Many people say that the best zodiac signs to have sex with is going to be the Leo. This fiery, passionate lover is take-charge in the bedroom. They are powerful and confident. These proud star signs love to put on a show in the bedroom.

This will match well with Aries, as beauty can stop Aries in their tracks, and make them fight for the beauty that they love. If for example, you have your mars in Pisces, then you are going to get what you want by sacrificing yourself.

With a mars in Pisces, you will also be attracted to saving the less fortunate.

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You will also be very connected to fantasy. Your sexual experience will probably be emotional and sensual. The modalities and elements play strongly in sex and the horoscope signs. The modalities of fixed, cardinal, and mutable are assigned to each horoscope sign. Some horoscope signs share a modality with other horoscope signs.

Sex Horoscopes of the Zodiac Signs

This allows for similarities, but nothing necessarily the same. No surprises for them, they enjoy getting down and dirty in the most technical of ways. Easy-going and creative lovers, sex is all about sharing and connecting for them. Intense, emotional, passionate, and a little mysterious, they can sometimes be possessive and have an intense sexual appetite.


Sags are most likely to enjoy a quickie, as they dislike routine and are easily bored. They enjoy structure and pride themselves on being thorough lovers, but despite all the pre-planning that may go into it, they are excellent at experimenting.

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I guess the final verdict is you should get yourself an Aquarius. Are there enough to make the world go round? Who knows. Follow Taylor on Instagram. Type keyword s to search.

Zodiac sex signs

Today's Top Stories. They constantly burn with a fiery passion and are sexually confident and powerful.

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They take charge in bed and explore sexual pleasures with dramatic, large-scale flair. They constantly shower their lovers with gifts and attention. Seducing a Leo is fairly simple; they need continuous personal attention. To get on their soft side, try playing with their luxurious hair. If you are ready to be someone's entire world, no other lover will give you such personal attention. They seem cool and calm on the surface but they are enormously sensual underneath.

However, they are not everyone's ideal of the zodiac sign which is the best lover. Virgo becomes obsessed with one person and although their perfectionism means that life will not always be pleasant, you can be sure they fall in love for life.

Top 5 Most Sexual Astrological Signs

As a people pleaser, Libra makes a very attentive and affectionate lover. They are full of sentimental romantic notions, so be patient with them and try to fulfill their fantasies.

Since Libra is a natural flirt, they like to try fun experiments in bed.

How Good You Are in Bed, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

To seduce Libra, give them good old-fashioned high class romance. You need to be sophisticated, suave, and smooth. Since Libra is naturally attractive, it shouldn't be hard to show them a good time with style.

Scorpio is the most sexual of all the signs. For many people this makes them the zodiac sign which is the best lover.

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Others may feel manipulated or used for sex, as Scorpio sometimes will do. They have magnetic, irresistible personalities and make fantastic lovers in the physical sense, but sometimes they come off as emotionally distant. Seducing Scorpio is notoriously difficult, because with their animal charm and manipulative powers they are the ones that usually do the seducing. This sign is playful and childlike, and as a lover they will always be creative. They stay young at heart, so they are very open-minded when it comes to experiments in bed.

Their split personality means that they can be wildly passionate about someone for a while, then all of a sudden get the urge to move on to other adventures.

Nov 26,   The sex toy retailer recently analyzed the sex habits of all 12 star signs, and came out with a ton of findings. Peep the full results below from a survey they conducted on . Fixed like things to stay the same. A fixed sign may want dinner, music, and romance every time before they are in the mood for sex. Fixed signs are Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus. Cardinal is an initiator. Cardinal signs definitely want to initiate sex and their partner play along. Cardinal signs are Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries. Dec 08,   Sexual Traits Based on Zodiac Sign Sexual Traits You Might Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign. December 7, by Isadora Baum. Hopefully, Home Country: US.

They do not have much staying power in a relationship. If all you are looking for is a fun fling, this could be the zodiac sign which is the best lover for you.

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